Prince Harry's 'personal view' of Queen Camilla exposed as Scobie 'tactically stayed away'

Prince Harry and Queen Camilla

Harry's 'personal view' of Camilla exposed as Scobie 'tactically stayed away'

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 10/12/2023

- 10:00

The Duke of Sussex was very critical of the current Queen in his memoir Spare

Prince Harry's "personal view" of Queen Camilla was exposed in his memoir Spare, a royal commentator has claimed, meaning that Omid Scobie "tactically stayed away" from the topic.

When Endgame was released on November 28, many fans assumed the royal author would take many jabs at the current Queen.

This is because when Harry released his memoir in January 2023, he referred to his stepmother as a "villain" and the “third person in the marriage,” echoing Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir in 1995.

However, although Scobie did refer to Queen Camilla as being "tolerated by the public but not universally accepted", he was less critical of the Queen than the Duke of Sussex was in Spare, a royal author has claimed.

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Gareth Russell, a royal commentator, spoke exclusively to GB News to explain why Scobie was not more critical of the Queen.

He claimed: "Endgame’s primary attacks were on Prince William.

"Whereas, Spare took equal aim at Prince William and Queen Camilla, perhaps actually at times more at Queen Camilla and that perhaps indicates Prince Harry's personal view of the Queen/his stepmother."

Russell, who has written a biography on the Queen Mother, discussed the main themes in Endgame.

Queen Camilla, King Charles, Prince HarryQueen Camilla photographed with Prince Harry in 2014PA

He continued "Also, generally speaking, Endgame is very much focused on the dynamic between the Waleses and the Sussexes.​

"So there may be an element to which Queen Camilla simply wasn't a major figure of major interest for the author Omid Scobie."

The commentator argued that the duke was out of step with the British public when he described his stepmother as a "villain".

Russell added: "We are seeing quite a bit of public discomfort with the way Queen Camilla was written about in Spare and I don't think that landed very well with a lot of readers.

Omid Scobie

Scobie stayed away from Queen Camilla in Endgame, author claims

RTL Boulevard

"It felt a bit like a caricature of Camilla at times.

"I think Scobie has quite wisely, or more tactically stayed away from that."

Buckingham Palace is yet to comment on any of the claims made by Omid Scobie in Endgame.

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