Prince Harry makes joke about King Charles amid royal feud: 'I was terrified!'

Prince Harry makes joke about King Charles amid royal feud: 'I was terrified!'

Cameron Walker gives insight into Harry's Legend of Aviation award.

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 23/01/2024

- 10:29

The Duke of Sussex was awarded the ‘Living Legend of Aviation’ award on Friday

Prince Harry made a rare joke about his father, King Charles during an acceptance speech in Los Angeles amid rumoured tensions with Royal Family.

The prince recalled his first terrifying flight experience with his father as he collected his award as a living legend of aviation in Beverly Hills, California.

The 39-year-old royal was presented the award by Hollywood star, John Travolta, who asked Harry to speak about his first flight experience.

Harry recalled: "I think I was maybe seven or eight years old in a Wessex helicopter, and I jumped into it so excited.

King Charles and Prince Harry

Prince Harry makes joke about King Charles.


“And then my father jumped in behind the controls and I was terrified."

The Duke of Sussex came off well with the audience as they laughed at his humorous anecdote and as he poked fun at Travolta.

Prince Harry joked that the star of Saturday Night Fever “dines out” on the story of dancing with his mother, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry said: “I was one year old when you danced with my mum. As you’ve told everybody here and continue to dine out on that probably every single night.”

King Charles and Prince Harry

Charles and Harry stand in front of an Apache Helicopter in 2011.


John Travolta danced with the Princess of Wales at a White House party in 1985.

Harry added: “But look at us now. It’s great. So if we’re not going to dance together, we’ll fly together.”

The Duke of Sussex was recognised for his role as an Apache helicopter pilot in the army and for his commitment to supporting veterans in several charities.

The King is a fully qualified RAF pilot and served in both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy in the 1970s, earning him the title of Commander-in-Chief for the military.

Prince William, King Charles and Prince Harry.

Prince Harry has reached to his family regarding their health, according to a source.


Prince Harry

Harry accepts award as a Living Legend of Aviation.


The joke comes at a time of tension between Harry and his father after the release of Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare where he criticised his family.

Robert Hardman, author of a new biography about King Charles III, said that at some point the King will mend the rift with Harry but does not know if the prince wants to repair the relationship.

Hardman said: “I don’t know how and when. Certainly, on this side of the Atlantic, the door is always open, and there’s so much other stuff going on.

Prince Harry has however reached out to his family regarding their health, according to a source.

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