Meghan Markle tipped to ‘prove Archetypes fail wasn’t her fault’ following Spotify’s brutal snub

Meghan Markle tipped to ‘prove Archetypes fail wasn’t her fault’ following Spotify’s brutal snub

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 29/03/2024

- 11:30

The Duchess of Sussex was axed from Spotify last year

  • Meghan Markle has been signed to Lemonada Media
  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were previously signed to Spotify
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Meghan Markle has been tipped to "prove the Archetypes fail wasn’t her fault" following Spotify’s brutal snub, a royal commentator exclusively told GB News.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were famously axed from Spotify in June 2023, following a "cull of disastrous deals".

Meghan, 42, produced a 12-episode series called Archetypes in 2022, featuring guest appearances from Serena Williams, Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton.

However, it left executives at the streaming platform feeling underwhelmed.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle was axed from Spotify last year


By 2023, a joint statement between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Spotify claimed they'd "mutually agreed to part ways".

It added that everyone involved was "proud of the series we made together".

But Meghan and Harry were later labelled "f***ing grifters" by a senior executive at Spotify.

Bill Simmons, Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetisation, made the statement in an episode of his own podcast.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The couple were dropped by Spotify in 2023


Last month, the Duchess of Sussex announced she had been signed to Lemonada Media to continue her "love of podcasting".

Meghan said: "I’m proud to now be able to share that I am joining the brilliant team at Lemonada to continue my love of podcasting."

She added: "Our plan is to re-release Archetypes so that more people can now have access to it, as well as launching a dynamic new podcast is well in the works."

Royal commentator Gareth Russell spoke exclusively to GB News, claiming the duchess would try and "prove the Archetypes failure wasn’t her fault" with this new streaming platform.

Meghan MarkleMeghan has announced a new podcast with Lemonada Media Getty

He added that Meghan's "dynamic new podcast" could "continue the Archetypes prototype" for this reason.

In an exclusive interview with GB News, Russell claimed: "There is a track record with the Sussexes of trying to prove themselves right and other people wrong, which might lead her to try to continue the Archetypes prototype to prove that she had a good idea and it wasn't her fault.

"Whether that's a good decision or not, that remains to be seen."

The commentator continued: "It's always hard to predict what anyone in the public eye will do, but particularly someone like the Duchess of Sussex.


Meghan MarkleThe new Archetypes podcast cover with a purple haze


"In this area, she may try to move beyond the Archetypes format, because it's in everyone's benefit to try something new if the previous offering hasn't worked and Archetypes obviously was not as successful as she would have hoped.

"So my instinct is this will be a different kind of podcast.

"But again, you know at the same time, the Sussexes did release quite a lot on Netflix and publish Prince Harry's book on a very similar topic around the same time, so maybe she will be trying to resurrect the Archetypes format to prove it can work with a different streaming network.

"It's hard to say but my instinct will be that she'll try something different."

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