Meghan Markle shares new photo of herself on Archewell in final post before Sussex website launched

Meghan Markle shares new photo of herself on Archewell in final post before Sussex website launched

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 13/02/2024

- 16:52

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched a new platform yesterday in a rebrand for the couple

Meghan Markle shared a new photo of herself in the final post on the Archewell before the Duchess of Sussex launched her new website.

The duchess joined a group of 15 women on Saturday for “an evening of cooking and storytelling.”

In a photo uploaded on Harry and Meghan’s Archewell Foundation site, the duchess leans over a plate of food surrounded by smiling women.

Meghan was wearing a sleeveless, black sweater from J Crew, which costs £77 ($98). Over her outfit she wore an apron with Archewell Foundation printed on the front.

Meghan Markle

Meghan has released a new image for her website


The cooking class was part of the Southern California Welcome Project, an organisation launched by Meghan and Harry in 2023 to support women-led programming.

The Welcome Project creates a safe space and inclusive environment for women who have resettled in the U.S. from Afghanistan.

The duchess joined the women to make traditional Afghan food like Ashak and Mantuu and share personal stories.

On the website, it states: “Following meal preparations, the women sat down to discuss their personal stories and the support they find from this intergenerational group of women.”

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle spent a night cooking traditional Afghan food on Saturday


Meghan and Harry launched a new website yesterday as a “one-stop shop” for all their engagements and charity work.

The site links to their Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions as well as their old website that Meghan and Harry launched when they left the Royal Family in 2020.

In another photo, Meghan uses her hands to cook with showing off a fresh, nude manicure and three gold bangles.

The duchess wears her hair up in a messy bun with a middle parting, letting strands of hair frame her face.

Meghan Markle

Meghan shows off a fresh nude manicure and gold bracelets


Meghan and HarryMeghan and Harry have used this picture as the cover of their websiteGetty

The event was in collaboration with The Archewell Foundation’s partner, Mina’s List.

Mina’s List works “with women activists and political leaders in Afghanistan to push for greater gender equality.

“In 2021, Minas List helped evacuate and resettle over 2,000 Afghan women and families through independent and coalition efforts.”

On the duchess describes her advocacy for gender equality and human rights describing herself as a “feminist and champion of human rights and gender equity.”

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