Meghan Markle ‘invites comparison’ to Princess Kate with Trooping the Colour move

Meghan Markle ‘invites comparison’ to Princess Kate with Trooping the Colour move

WATCH NOW: Michael Cole discusses Princess Kate's return to public life at Trooping the Colour

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 18/06/2024

- 17:59

The Princess of Wales made her first public appearance of 2024 at Trooping the Colour this weekend

Former Royal Correspondent Michael Cole has criticised Meghan Markle for "inviting comparison" between herself and Princess Kate, after promoting her latest lifestyle products just hours before Kate's triumphant return to public life.

The Princess of Wales stepped out for Trooping the Colour this weekend in her first public appearance of 2024, following the announcement of her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

However, just hours before the event began, a friend of the Duchess of Sussex took to Instagram to promote her latest product.

Nacho Figueras, an Argentinian polo player close to Harry and Meghan, took to his social media on Saturday morning with images of raspberry jam and dog biscuits, which will soon be available from Meghan's lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard.

Princess Kate and Meghan Markle

Michael Cole says Meghan Markle 'invites comparison' to Princess Kate


Speaking to GBN America, Cole told host Nana Akua that Meghan Markle "invites comparison" with Princess Kate with incidences such as this, and "doesn't come off very well".

Cole noted: "Kate was a child of a middle-class family. She wasn't trained to be a princess of the royal blood. And she wasn't, of course, ever an actress.

"And in everything that Meghan Markle does, she invites a comparison with the Princess of Wales. And I'm afraid in that comparison, Meghan Markle doesn't come off very well."

Reacting to the move by Meghan's friend, Nana claimed it was "very odd" to launch two new products in such a way, and that Meghan may have believed it would "overshadow" Kate's outing at Trooping the Colour.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate made her first public appearance of 2024 at Trooping the Colour this weekend


Cole responded: "Are they so desperate for cash that they have to come out and bring out a retail line of jams and other things which we can all do without? It's a mystery to me."


When asked by Nana for his thoughts on Princess Kate and her return to the royal spotlight after six months, Cole praised the Princess and hailed her "courage" for stepping out despite her ongoing treatment.

Cole told GBNA: "Courage is grace under pressure, it's often defined as that, and I think we saw that with Kate on Saturday.

"My goodness, it's harrowing enough coping with cancer for anybody, but for somebody to have to do that, knowing that the eyes of the world are upon her, a thousand lenses, looking at her at the same time as she's undergoing preventative chemotherapy for the undisclosed cancer from which she is suffering - what an ordeal."

Cole also hailed how "well" Kate looked, as she opted for a black and white Jenny Packham dress and matching hat.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole says Princess Kate displayed 'grace and stoicism' at Trooping the Colour


Cole admitted: "Didn't she carry it off with great dignity, great elegance and with great stoicism? I come back to the word courage because it's not easy to do while looking so brilliantly beautiful.

"If you and I went to a Hollywood casting agency and said, please cast us a Princess, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly not being available, they'd come up with somebody like Kate, the Princess of Wales.

"And in everything she does, she carries it off with great aplomb."

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