Meghan Markle blasted for ‘using people’ as row with A-listers leaves Sussexes exposed

Meghan Markle (left), and the Beckhams (right)

Meghan Markle has been accused of 'using people' amid her bitter row with the Beckhams

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 01/08/2023

- 16:20

Updated: 01/08/2023

- 16:24

Prince Harry had a heated argument with the former footballer according to a source

Meghan Markle has been blasted by a former Royal Family butler for "using people" following the Sussexes feud with the Beckhams.

Reports suggest that the Duchess of Sussex has become wary of “indiscretion” from Victoria Beckham.

Meghan is said to have convinced her husband that the A-lister had been secretly speaking to the press, resulting in a fiery row between Harry and David Beckham over the phone.

Paul Burrell, who previously worked closely to the Duke of Sussex's mother Diana as her butler, stated that the whole feud has laid bare that Meghan will "drop" people.

“She will use people and drop them when she’s finished with them”, he told GB News.

“The Beckham’s don’t need Harry and Meghan, they’re A-listers in their own field, they don’t need them.

“But isn’t it sad that the Beckham’s were at the wedding, as were the Obamas, as were the Clooneys. Where are they all now?

“They’re beginning to see who the real Harry and Meghan are, and they don’t want to be in the same sphere.”

The 48-year-old football legend is said not to have taken well to Harry and Meghan’s claims, with some sources claiming he was left “absolutely furious”.

David Beckham has been friendly with Harry and brother Prince William since meeting at an FA reception in 2010, while Meghan became bonded quickly with Victoria as a result of their shared fashion interests.

Dan Wootton (left) and Paul Burrell (right)

Paul Burrell spoke to Dan Wootton on GB News

GB News

The duo also attended the Sussexes’ 2018 wedding.

It comes after a High Court ruling allowed Harry’s claim over allegations of unlawful information gathering against the publisher of The Sun to go ahead to a trial.

The Duke alleges he was targeted by journalists and private investigators working for News Group Newspapers (NGN), publishers of The Sun and the now-defunct News Of The World.

Burrell says the Duke’s legal endeavours are unlikely to result in anything substantive as he lacks evidence for his claims.

He told Dan Wootton: “Harry has over-egged the pudding. He knows fully well that the Princess, his mother, would invite journalists to lunch and meeting at Kensington Palace, which he attended.

“It was a working relationship with the media and Diana understood that, and I thought Harry did too.

“He has also accused his brother and father again of making relationships with people in Fleet Street and taking money. He is really going for this. He has to substantiate this and bring the evidence forward."

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