King Charles makes ‘very strange’ move during Easter appearance - ‘How did they let him do that?’

King Charles makes ‘very strange’ move during Easter appearance - ‘How did they let him do that?’

King Charles makes ‘very strange’ move during Easter appearance

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 01/04/2024

- 10:40

The monarch stepped out for public duties for the first time since his cancer diagnosis

Aides working for the monarch have been criticised for allowing him to make a ‘very strange’ move during his Easter Sunday appearance.

Royal commentator Angela Levin said allowing the monarch to greet well-wishers after attending the Easter Sunday service at Windsor Castle was misguided.

“He looked much better, his eyes were sparkling and he was obviously extremely happy to be there”, she said.

“What I felt was very strange was that he went afterwards to talk to a huge number of people who came to see him and to shake hands with them.

King Charles, Camilla and Angela Levin

Angela Levin was perplexed at Charles's decision to shake hands with the public


“I think since all these pandemics, you don’t want to shake hands with anyone, be careful. How could they let him do that?”

Asked by Ellie Costello whether the monarch’s show of warmth was a ‘good sign’, Levin and Eamonn Holmes were sceptical.


Eamonn said on GB News: “That’s not wise for you, for me, for anybody.

“I mean, you’re spreading germs. When I brought out my autobiography 17 years ago, I went to all these shops all; around the country, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so ill.

“People shaking hands, it’s asking for trouble.”

Levin pointed out that Queen Camilla shook hands with well-wishers while wearing gloves as she continued to question why the monarch was allowed follow suit.

King Charles

King Charles stepped out for the Sunday Easter service

Ellie Costello, Eamonn Holmes and Angela Levin

Angela Levin joined Eamonn Holmes and Ellie Costello on GB News


“I thought it was rather strange they allowed him to do that”, she said.

“He also couldn’t sit next to his family. I would have thought that he could have sat near his family, but not shook all those hands.”

It was the King’s most significant public appearance since his cancer diagnosis.

It comes just over a week after the Princess of Wales released an emotional video message revealing that she had just started a course of preventative chemotherapy.

Kate, the Prince of Wales and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who all attended the service last year, were absent from the Easter Sunday service.

The family are spending the Easter holidays together as they adjust to Kate’s diagnosis, which was discovered in post-operative tests after major abdominal surgery.

The King’s attendance at church will be seen as a move to reassure the public after the shock news about his daughter-in-law.

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