King Charles and Sarah Ferguson ‘bond’ over heartfelt letters after cancer diagnoses

King Charles and Sarah Ferguson ‘bond’ over heartfelt letters after cancer diagnoses

WATCH HERE: Sarah Ferguson speaking at a cancer charity event

Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 12/02/2024

- 17:56

Both the King and Duchess of York have been diagnosed with forms of cancer this year

King Charles and Sarah Ferguson have “bonded” over heartfelt letters after cancer diagnoses.

Charles and the Duchess of York have sent letters of support to each other over their respective cancer announcements, according to a source.

Last week, Buckingham Palace announced that the King has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, but the specific type has not been disclosed.

The announcement came just over two weeks after the Duchess of York announced that she had been diagnosed with a form of skin cancer.

King Charles and Sarah Ferguson

King Charles and Sarah Ferguson sent letters of support to each other


A source said: “The King and Sarah are incredibly fond of one another and now they have bonded over their respective cancer diagnosis with an exchange of letters.”

Charles wrote to Ferguson after Christmas when she was hit with the diagnosis only six months after she was treated for breast cancer.

The source continued to tell The Mirror: “Cancer is a wicked disease that affects so many individuals and their families and it’s clear that extra support from loved ones and the extended cancer community can help immeasurably.”

The monarch has been resting at his home in Norfolk following the announcement and was spotted on Sunday as he took his morning stroll to church.

Charles and Sarah Ferguson

Charles kisses Fergie's hand at a Polo match at Windsor In Berkshire


Following the King’s health announcement, Fergie wrote to Charles to “express her best wishes and solidarity with the King,” according to The Mirror.

At a charity event in Florida last week, the duchess expressed her thanks for supporting her family through their health scares and wished the King well.

She said: “I want to thank you all for your kindness in supporting my family members who are going through a hard time, and we wish everyone well, every family in the world that has been diagnosed or who is going through a difficult time we wish them well.

“And of course, my brother-in-law, we wish you well, keep fighting on.”

Princess Diana, Charles and Sarah Ferguson

Charles, Diana and Sarah Ferguson on a ski holiday together


Sarah Ferguson and Loren Ridinger

Sarah Ferguson was diagnosed with skin cancer last month


The duchess was the keynote speaker at the Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope’s Palm Beach Charity in Florida.

Following the event, Fergie took to Instagram to give a touching message to the King.

She said: “His Majesty is very dear to me and I think I speak for everyone when I say he is in my thoughts and prayers.”

Speaking on GB News, Angela Levin told Eamonn Holmes and Ellie Costello that Fergie’s message was “lovely.”

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