King Charles 'absolutely hates being touched' as Macron sparks fury: 'Hands off!'

King Charles and Emmanuel Macron

Macron keeps touching Charles

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 22/09/2023

- 16:06

The French President sparked fury from royal fans

King Charles, 74, "hates being touched", but has had to deal with "handsy" President Emmanuel Macron constantly patting him on the arm or back during his trip to France this week.

According to a royal expert, Macron, 45, demonstrated a "forceful personality" with his forward advances, but Charles responded with a "diplomatic smile", despite likely feeling like a "prize tomato".

Royal commentator Richard Eden said: "King Charles was a model of diplomatic smiles at the Palace of Versailles state banquet, but inside he may have been shuddering.

"France's incorrigibly tactile President Emmanuel Macron snaked an arm round him and patted his back.

WATCH NOW: Experts discuss whether Macron broke royal protocol with King Charles

"One of the King's oldest friends tells me: 'His Majesty absolutely hates being touched'.

"President Joe Biden kept touching him at Windsor earlier this year. Now, he has been pawed by handsy Macron."

Eden told the Mail: "At this rate, His Majesty must be starting to feel like a prize tomato at the Malvern Autumn Show."

King Charles and Macron are thought to have a close friendship, as they've been pictured shaking hands and laughing at COP26. However, His Majesty is said to be no fan of public affection.

King Charles and Emmanuel Macron

Macron is 'too tactile' with Charles, fans claim


King Charles and Emmanuel Macron

Macron potentially broke royal protocol


Royal fans took to social media to discuss Macron potentially breaking royal protocol by touching King Charles.

One royal watcher posted on X: "It’s always just Macron touching the King. The King would never touch Macron. But the King is a diplomat."

Another social media user wrote: "Emmanuel Macron is on his slightly too tactile side with King Charles III. Hands off man, you don't touch the King!"

"Macron needs to remember you don't touch the King. The King is not a politician that you can try to look more important than by putting your arm on his back," someone else added.

King Charles and Emmanuel Macron

Charles and Macron pose in garden of British Ambassador's Residence in Paris


King Charles and Emmanuel Macron

King Charles and Emmanuel Macron at Palace of Versailles


King Charles and Emmanuel Macron

King Charles and Emmanuel Macron with their respective wives in Paris


Richard Fitzwilliams, an expert specialising in the Royal Family, told The Express: "When President Biden visited King Charles in Windsor in July there was much comment when he put his hand on the King’s back.

"It was obviously meant to be friendly. Today we see President Macron extend extremely warm body language to King Charles.

"In 2009, Michelle Obama, in London during President Obama’s first visit to the UK, put her arm around Queen Elizabeth’s shoulder.

"It’s fascinating to see how different world leaders respond to each other. Macron has a forceful personality and the way he greeted the King was an expression of it. It was meant to show warmth."

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