King Charles health ‘going in the right direction’ as William returns to public duties

King Charles health ‘going in the right direction’ as William returns to public duties

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 18/04/2024

- 17:18

Updated: 18/04/2024

- 18:44

Prince William returned to public royal duties as King Charles and Princess Kate continue their cancer treatments

King Charles's cancer is said to be "going in the right direction" according to royal doctors, as Prince William made a return to public duties.

The Prince of Wales leant a hand to food charity Surplus to Supper, as he helped deliver supplies to Hanworth Centre Hub youth centre in Feltham.

Discussing his return to duties following his wife Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis, GB News royal correspondent Cameron Walker said the future King will be "feeling the strain" of his cancer-stricken family.

The Prince was handed two get well soon cards during his visit for the King and Princess, and was said to be "touched" by the outpouring of support for the Royal Family.

King Charles and Prince William

King Charles's cancer is 'going in the right direction', royal doctors have claimed


Discussing Prince William's first public appearance in almost a month, Cameron said the royal got "stuck in" with volunteers and "helped them to pack the food, cook the food, and deliver it" to the centre in Feltham.

Cameron added that the charity helps delivers food for "vulnerable young people who use the service".

Cameron told GB News: "He was handed two envelopes by volunteer Rachel. Those two envelopes contained get well soon cards for both the Princess of Wales and His Majesty the King, both of which are still battling cancer.

"He was very touched when he was handed those two cards. He told Rachel, 'thank you very much, that's really kind'. But he didn't go into any detail about the princess's condition, as perhaps you would expect."

Prince William

Prince William returned to public duties as he visited Hanworth Centre Hub youth centre in Feltham


GB News host Tom Harwood asked Cameron how Prince William was "holding up" and how he is within himself, following the cancer news.

Cameron revealed: "I think it's very easy to put a brave face on, and you could really see that Prince William was very much engaged with the work that he had here.


"His focus was very much on the work here, but clearly it is going to be a bit of a strain behind the scenes. There was a lot of social media speculation about the princess's condition, and they asked for privacy over the Easter break so they could as a family, come to terms with that diagnosis."

Cameron said he spoke to a 15-year-old who uses the food charities services, and praised the Prince of Wales for being "down to earth" and "really engaged" in the kind of work that the youth centre does.

Noting the Prince's other public work, such as the Earthshot Prize, Cameron told GB News that the royal is "very keen on preserving the environments for future generations", including food waste.

Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker says Prince William is 'feeling the strain' behind the scenes

GB News

Discussing the latest on King Charles's condition, Cameron revealed that royal doctors "seem to be suggesting" things are "going in the right direction", as the monarch continues his cancer battle.

He added: "So I think it's looking positive as we go towards the summer. And Prince William does want to continue as normal with his public work, behind the scenes with the Earthshot Prize, with the Surplus Food Initiative, which he's been supporting and spotlighting today.

"And I think we're going to see that going forward in the future."

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