King Charles sends message on research into rare cancer

King Charles

Buckingham Palace announced in February the King had been diagnosed with a form of cancer

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 29/05/2024

- 16:35

Buckingham Palace announced in February the King had been diagnosed with a form of cancer

King Charles has sent a message on research into a rare form of cancer.

The King, 75, has sent a message of support to the sarcoma community, saying he is encouraged by the research on new treatments for sarcoma cancer.

The monarch's message was read by Baron Young of Old Windsor at the Chris Martin Quiz Night at Lancaster House.

The event, attended by government ministers and MPs, Chris Martin's family and friends, and members of the sarcoma community, was held to raise funds for Sarcoma UK.

King Charles

King Charles has sent a clear message into a rare form of cancer


Chris Martin, a former Director General at No.10 Downing Street and husband of prominent BBC Journalist Zoe Conway, died in 2015, two years after being diagnosed with a rare sarcoma cancer.

Since his death, Conway has been at the forefront of raising funds for sarcoma research and is currently an ambassador for Sarcoma UK.

Reading the message from the King, Lord Young said: “Having had the good fortune to meet Chris Martin while he was Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, Lord Cameron, His Majesty the King has asked me to convey his heartfelt support as we gather together to celebrate the life of Chris and raise awareness of Sarcoma.

“His Majesty is encouraged by the research that is being conducted into new treatments and by the research which will eventually lead to a cure for these cancers. The King commends you all for your support of this most important cause.”

Lord Young

Lord Young reading a message from the King

Sarcoma UK

The King's statement lent an important voice to raising awareness of sarcoma.

While relatively rare, about 15 people are diagnosed with the rare form of cancer every day.

The Chris Martin Fund has raised over a quarter of a million pounds for sarcoma research. Martin was particularly keen on genomics research.

Sarcoma UK’s Chief Executive Richard Davidson has welcomed the King’s remarks, saying there is much to look forward to in research of new treatments for sarcoma.


A message from the King on research into Sarcoma

Sarcoma UK

He said: “Because of its rarity, our understanding of sarcoma lags behind other cancers.

“The Chris Martin fellowship was established to raise funds dedicated to pioneering genomics research that can unlock a deeper understanding of sarcoma's genetic drivers.

“The fund, which has raised over £250,000 so far, has helped Sarcoma UK to invest over £750,000 into three groundbreaking genomics research programmes.

“The first, conducted at University College London, was a landmark study which revealed novel mutations and provided the first atlas of sarcoma's molecular fingerprints.

King CharlesKing Charles is currently having treatment for cancer Getty

“Building on this foundation, a team at the University of Birmingham were able to use cutting-edge technology to illuminate the roots of liposarcoma and identify potential therapeutic vulnerabilities.

“Most recently, researchers at the University of Southampton have been exploring whether some of the genetic aberrations detected in earlier studies could be targeted with existing drugs or new therapeutic compounds. Their work holds the promise of new treatments for liposarcoma patients.

“The groundbreaking knowledge gained from genomics research is already paying dividends. It has leveraged follow-on funding, sparked new studies, and, most importantly, is beginning to shape and improve the clinical care sarcoma patients receive.

“We are committed to keeping families together longer by transforming sarcoma treatment through the genomic revolution.”

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