King Charles 'may appoint new Prime Minister in Scotland' as doctors monitor monarch's health

King Charles 'may appoint new Prime Minister in Scotland' as doctors monitor monarch's health

WATCH NOW: Cameron Walker suggests King Charles may not travel to London to appoint new Prime Minister

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/06/2024

- 14:25

The King will travel to Edinburgh in Scotland to celebrate Holyrood week, where he will reside at the Palace of Holyrood House

King Charles could appoint the next Prime Minister at the Palace of Holyrood House in Scotland due to his ongoing cancer treatment, it has been claimed.

The British monarch is set to travel to Scotland next week, for the annual Holyrood Week celebrations, also known as Royal Week.

However, as doctors continue to "keep an eye" on the King's health amid his cancer treatment, it has been suggested that the monarch may "not be well enough" to travel back to London to appoint Britain's new leader, following the election.

Speaking to GB News, Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker said if King Charles is well enough to travel, the traditional trip will be "cut short" for him.

King Charles

King Charles 'may appoint the new Prime Minister in Scotland' as royals prepare for annual trip


Detailing the trip with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, Cameron explained: "The Royals are going up to Edinburgh for the traditional week they spend there.

"There will be the traditional ceremony of the keys, and there's a huge ceremony in Saint Giles Cathedral as well, which most royals are expected to attend."

Noting the Princess of Wales, Princess Kate and her current cancer treatment, Cameron said they are "unsure" if she will be joining the Royal Family in Scotland.

He added: "We're not sure about the Princess of Wales yet, but it's getting very close to the traditional summer break, where they will go up to Balmoral Castle."

Royal Family

The Royal Family are preparing to travel to Balmoral next week after hosting the Japanese Emperor and Empress


Cameron also highlighted that this year marks the "first year" that members of the public can visit the Balmoral estate and see inside the historic castle.


Cameron told hosts Eamonn and Isabel: "It's the first summer where members of the public are going to be able to see inside the castle, ahead of King Charles arriving.

"But of course, it's the General Election next week. The King will have to be back in London, cut his time in Scotland short to appoint his new Prime Minister, whoever that may be."

Isabel reacted to Cameron's remarks, and joked that the Royal Family "never get a straight stay up in Balmoral".

She told Cameron: "He's always fraught with some sort of trip back down, whether it's with the loss of the Queen for example - there's always something going on, like Prime Minister Liz Truss going up there as well."

Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker says the Palaces are 'unsure' if Princess Kate will travel to Scotland with the Royal Family

GB News

Cameron agreed and suggested that the next Prime Minister could also be appointed by King Charles in Scotland rather than London.

He revealed: "Of course the King is still having cancer treatment, so it's all about keeping an eye on his medical situation as well, whether he's well enough to travel back down and travel back up again.

"The line is I think he will be, but of course, you can appoint a Prime Minister anywhere, as we saw with the late Queen and Liz Truss at Balmoral."

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