William has been visiting Charles on Sundays to do 'father and son' things

William has been visiting Charles on Sundays to do 'father and son' things

WATCH NOW: Pandora Forsyth discusses King Charles's cancer diagnosis

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/02/2024

- 17:32

King Charles announced on Monday that he has been diagnosed with 'a form of cancer' and is receiving treatment

Royal Commentator Pandora Forsyth has shed light on Prince William's close relationship with King Charles, following the recent health updates for both his father and Princess Kate.

The Princess of Wales is currently recovering at Adelaide Cottage following planned abdominal surgery at The London Clinic.

On Monday, following treatment at the same hospital for a "benign enlarged prostate", King Charles announced he had been diagnosed with "a form of cancer".

The monarch has said he is "wholly positive" following his diagnosis, and will begin "regular" treatment immediately.

Pandora Forsyth and King Charles and Prince William

Pandora Forsyth has revealed King Charles and Prince William have been meeting regularly

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Both the King and Princess of Wales have stepped down from public-facing duties for the foreseeable future, inflicting pressure on Prince William to step up duties in their absence.

Questions have also been raised about a possible reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry, as the Duke of Sussex returned to the UK this afternoon to be with their father following his health update.

Discussing the Prince of Wales and King's relationship, Pandora Forsyth told GBN America that they have an "extremely close" bond.

She added that Prince Harry's arrival in the UK shows the "seriousness" of the King's health condition.

Forsyth told GB News America host Nana Akua: "I think now William will really be stepping up to the plate. He might have not been doing so many engagements, now his calendar will be absolutely packed out.

"He and his father have had an extremely close relationship. Charles has been going to Windsor quite regularly on Sundays to go and see him to chat and do father and son things like they do. But I'm sure he's been kept in the loop minute by minute as well as the Queen about all of this.

She continued: "So he'll be doing absolutely everything, just like most fathers and sons would to really be there for him."

Forsyth explained that Princess Kate's current recovery following her abdominal surgery will add to the "very serious" atmosphere within the Royal Family at the moment.

Nana Akua and Pandora Forsyth

Pandora Forsyth says Prince Harry's arrival adds to the 'seriousness' of the King's condition

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Host Nana Akua agreed and responded to the Prime Minister's claim that the King's cancer was caught in the "early stages".

Nana suggested: "Cancer being caught at an early stage is obviously the best. Buckingham Palace didn't say it was caught in the early stages, but of course, we know that the PM is privy to information that we might not be made aware of due to all of the state affairs going on.

"So it might have been a bit of a slip of the tongue. Let's hope it has been caught in the early stages.

"And he is carrying on with his head of state duties behind the scenes, so if we put two and two together we'd like to think that it was early stages."

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