King Charles driven by HUGE sense of purpose - 'Nobody is better'

King Charles driven by HUGE sense of purpose - 'Nobody is better'

Sir Robert Buckland on King Charles's future

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 07/05/2023

- 16:52

New monarch is best prepared king in British history, says Sir Robert Buckland

King Charles is driven by a 'serious' sense of purpose and is determined to protect the monarchy and the UK, according to the former Justice Secretary.

Sir Robert Buckland - the first person to be knighted by the new King - has known Charles for many years and believes he is uniquely placed to safeguard to royal family for decades to come.

He told GB News: “We have our chats when we see each other and I have to say that I think nobody is better prepared to be King than this one.

“It's not just a question of waiting. He's prepared for this. I get the sense that there is a serious sense of purpose. He's taking the job incredibly seriously.

Sir Robert Buckland and King Charles

Sir Robert Buckland has praised King Charles

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“We saw that yesterday. It’s a solemn ceremony, a religious ceremony laden with huge symbolism that has been laid down through the centuries, of course you're going to take it seriously. But what I like about the king is that he's also able to not take himself seriously and laugh at things.”

In a discussion during The Camilla Tominey Show, he continued: “That sense of humour, I think, carries him through his onerous public duties. I mean, who would want that job?

“It's a job like no other and it's a job that he's now, I think, ideally equipped to do.”

Asked about the arrests of anti-monarchy protesters by police, he said: “I think the police have a very difficult job on the ground in operations to judge what might happen and what might not happen.

Republic protesters

Anti-monarchy protesters were gathered in the Capital


“Can you imagine what would have happened if they've done nothing? And then we've had some obstruction on the parade or worse?

Mr Buckland also addressed claims that new legislation on demonstrations was draconian in the wake of arrests which were made yesterday. He said: “I supported this legislation, in fact I was the minister who helped put it through and I think it was absolutely right we did so because I can tell you we'd be up for lots of criticism.

“The police would be in the dock if they let something happen and the parade was obstructed or horses were frightened. We can’t, that's not safe.”

It comes as the head of an anti-monarchy group arrested ahead of a planned protest on Coronation Day has branded the detention of him and dozens of others a “direct attack on our democracy”.

Republic chief executive Graham Smith, who was released on Saturday night after nearly 16 hours in police custody, said officers should “hang their heads in shame”.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that 52 people were arrested for affray, public order offences, breach of the peace and conspiracy to cause a public nuisance around the coronation.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he had demanded “clarity” from the force’s leaders on the arrests.

He tweeted: “Some of the arrests made by police as part of the Coronation event raise questions and whilst investigations are ongoing, I’ve sought urgent clarity from Met leaders on the action taken.”

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