Princess Kate meeting Prince Harry 'the last thing she needs' as hopes for reunion dashed

Princess Kate meeting Prince Harry 'the last thing she needs' as hopes for reunion dashed

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 22/05/2024

- 12:45

The Princess of Wales and the Duke of Sussex were quite close in former years

Princess Kate meeting Prince Harry would be "the last thing she needs" as inside sources dash hopes for a reunion.

The Duke of Sussex would like to reconcile with his family, however, friends of the royals have dismissed any such ambitions as “fantasy”.

Sources have claimed the Windsors are exhausted by the feud with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that has dominated the royal narrative for several years.

Prince William's friend claimed: “Meeting with Harry is the last thing that William or Catherine want or need right now. It’s a fantasy.”

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry

Kate and Prince Harry used to have a very close relationship


They continued to tell The Daily Beast: “It’s not about apologies or who said what, it is about protecting his family.

“Kate is recovering from cancer, and they are avoiding stressful situations.”

In February, Buckingham Palace announced King Charles, 75, had been diagnosed with a form of cancer.

This followed corrective surgery for an enlarged prostate which took place at The London Clinic the month before.

Prince HarryPrince Harry attended a service at St Paul's CathedralPA

After the news was announced, Prince Harry announced he would return to the UK to meet his father.

The two met briefly at Clarence House before the duke returned to the US where he lives with Meghan Markle.

A friend of King Charles and Queen Camilla told the publication the meeting between Harry and his father after the monarch was diagnosed with cancer was a “significant step in the right direction”.

They added: “The idea that Harry and the kids are going to descend on Balmoral this summer is wishful thinking. It’s all just very sad.”

Prince Harry

Prince Harry flew to the UK earlier this year to visit the King

Kate Middleton and Prince HarryKate and Prince Harry were very close in previous yearsPA

Another friend of the King and Queen suggested: “Everyone understands that William is absolutely furious with his brother, but ‘absolutely furious’ isn’t a deliverable plan for a King, which William will be, perhaps sooner than he had imagined.

“A King not speaking to his brother over an argument about a broken dog bowl, a costume party almost 20 years ago, or who said what about some lip gloss, will make William look petty and ridiculous.”

The friend also claimed that King Charles is “gently trying to lead by example”.

GB News has approached Kensington Palace and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's UK press secretary for comment.

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