Princess Kate seen for the first time since abdominal surgery alongside mum Carole Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate is recuperating in private at Adelaide Cottage

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 04/03/2024

- 21:37

Updated: 04/03/2024

- 23:01

The Princess of Wales had a 'successful' operation in January

  • Princess Kate has been seen near Windsor Castle alongside Carole Middleton
  • The Princess of Wales is not returning to royal duties until at least after Easter
  • Kensington Palace confirmed Kate is "doing well" with her recovery

Princess Kate has been seen in public for the first time since her abdominal surgery in January, alongside Carole Middleton.

The Princess of Wales had not previously been seen by the public since her outing on Christmas Day in Sandringham last year.

However, paparazzi have now photographed Kate, 42, in a car being driven by her mother, Carole Middleton, near Windsor Castle.

The princess could be seen wearing sunglasses as she sat in the passenger seat beside her mother.

Kate MiddletonKate is recuperating at Adelaide CottageGetty

The photographs were not authorised by Kensington Palace, which has regularly emphasised the Princess of Wales’s wish for privacy.

The images were published on a US gossip website, and not in the UK.

The photographs are thought to have been taken before 9am on Monday.

It is the first time the mother-of-three has been seen since Christmas Day, when she walked to Sandringham with the rest of the Royal Family.

Carole Middleton and Michael MiddletonCarole Middleton and Michael Middleton both live in BuckleburyPA

She has been recovering at Adelaide Cottage since her operation and is not expected to return to public duties until after Easter.

On January 17, Kensington Palace said in a written statement: “The surgery was successful, and it is expected that she will remain in hospital for 10 to 14 days before returning home to continue her recovery.

"Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter.

“The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will generate.

Carole Middleton and Princess Kate

Kate's mother Carole Middleton is likely looking after her daughter during her recuperation


"She hopes that the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible and her wish that her personal medical information remains private.

“Kensington Palace will, therefore, only provide updates on Her Royal Highness’ progress when there is significant new information to share.”

A Palace spokesman has since reiterated that the princess is “doing well”, saying there are no changes from that original statement.

They added: “We were very clear from the outset that the Princess of Wales was out until after Easter and Kensington Palace would only be providing updates when something was significant.”

Kate Middleton

Kate is not expected to return to royal duties until after Easter


The princess and her mother were photographed hours before her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, was due to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Prince William has been determined to ensure his wife's privacy is protected during her recovery.

He has been attending solo engagements only since Kate's return to Adelaide Cottage.

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