'Ignore all this nonsense' GB News viewers send in their heartfelt messages of support for Princess Kate

'Ignore all this nonsense' GB News viewers send in their heartfelt messages of support for Princess Kate
GB News viewers send in their messages of support for Princess Kate.mp4
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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 13/03/2024

- 12:11

Updated: 13/03/2024

- 12:18

You have sent The Princess of Wales well wishes after her operation

GB News viewers have shared their heartfelt messages of love and support for The Princess of Wales after her tough week.

The royal released a new photo taken by Prince William to mark Mother's Day, posing with their three children Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte.

However the photo failed to quash speculation about the Princess's health after eagle-eyed royal fans spotted editing mistakes in the image.

Taking to social media, Princess Kate confirmed that she was the one who had edited the photo, and apologised for any "confusion" caused by the mistakes.

Davy Rees

Davy Rees said that he hopes the Princess "gets well soon"

GB News

GB News viewers have shared their love and support for the Princess and recorded videos to prove that "we still love you".

Davy Rees said: "I hope you get well soon. And keep up the good work with the photography."


Miranda Richardson added: "I'm sending you my best wishes, as hopefully you will make a speedy recovery and be able to get on with enjoying time with your family and your children, as you should be able to."

Alan McNeilly said: "Ignore all this nonsense about the edited photograph, everyone seems to have lost their marbles over it.

Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson also shared the love for Kate

GB News

"Get well soon and we hope to see you back where you belong whenever you feel able. Good luck to you."

Allan Hatton said: "Picking holes in this photo that the Princess of Wales has taken for me is beyond a joke. She's done a fantastic job. Her and William."

Sally Baum advised the Princess: "Ignore the nonsense. You are a fabulous woman with a fabulous family and children.

"Put it all behind you, practice your editing, and just watch out for those little mistakes.

Alan Mcneilly

Alan McNeilly said to "ignore all the nonsense" online

GB News

"It'll make you better at it. Just go out there and get better because we miss you."

The Princess of Wales is expected to return to her royal duties after Easter.

In January it was announced that she would be admitted into the hospital for a "planned abdominal procedure."

The Mother's Day snap was the first time that fans had heard directly from Kate since the operation.

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