Voters give their verdict on Starmer's immigration plan and it's DAMNING for Sunak

Voters give their verdict on Starmer's immigration plan and it's DAMNING for Sunak

Voters speak to GB News about Keir Starmer's immigration plan

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 10/05/2024

- 16:23

Labour have finally set out their plans

  • Keir Starmer has set out his migrant crisis plans
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Britons have made their stance on Keir Starmer’s immigration plan clear in a series of interviews with GB News.

Ray Addison took to the streets to gauge the public sentiment towards the proposals set out by the Labour leader, which include the Rwanda scheme being scrapped.

While some are sceptical, it is clear that many feel the proposals set out by Starmer are an upgrade on the incumbent Prime Minister’s strategy.

One voter told GB News: “Any scheme aimed at stopping the boats at source is the way forward.

Voters speaking to GB News and Sir Keir Starmer

Voters have been making their feelings clear on Keir Starmer's plan to stop the boats


“It’s impossible to say what will work. The Rwanda scheme won’t be a deterrent. We have to stop it at source.”

Asked whether he would vote for Labour as a result, he admitted he has “major issues” with both the Tories and Labour.


“It sounds like it’s going in the right direction”, Another said as he pushed more a lax approach to the migrant crisis.

“The country is based on immigration, from the Romans to whoever. The whole population in the world is shifting.

“We have good, fresh water and we walk on pavements. The whole word is shifting.”

Another voter delivered a scathing assessment of Rishi Sunak’s Government, accusing the Prime Minister of delivering an unworkable ploy in a bid to delay the inevitable.

Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer has outlined his plans

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak's Rwanda plan would be scrapped under Starmer's proposals


“Starmer’s plan is better than what they have at present”, he said.

“There will be so many demonstrations and it won’t take off, and they know it.

“It’s just a ploy to keep them in Government for a bit longer I think.

“I don’t think it ever was a deterrent. They are not that stupid. The Conservative Government think we’re all stupid.”

While some were receptive to the fresh ideas, some were not in favour of the Labour leader.

“I don’t like the man [Keir Starmer]”, one voter told GB News.

“I don’t believe a word he says.”

Announcing his plan, Starmer said that while he has no doubt Sunak’s Rwanda flights will get off the ground, he is doubtful they will end up being successful.

He added they will “get rid of the policy straight away”.

Starmer also insisted “our asylum system must be rebuilt” as he unveiled new plans such as a new Border Security Command, funded by the Rwanda scheme’s scrapping, which he says will include “hundreds of specialist investigators”.

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