Joe Biden approval rating plunges to near record low in damning new figures

Joe Biden approval rating plunges to near record low in damning new figures

Superman actor Dean Cain told Patrick Christys Joe Biden was 'not fit' to be president

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James Saunders

By James Saunders

Published: 01/03/2024

- 16:23

Updated: 01/03/2024

- 21:44

The president’s ratings are the lowest on record since July 2022

Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped once again to 37 per cent, a new Reuters survey has revealed, in a trend which will worry Democrats as November’s election creeps closer.

Despite leading the polls for Democratic nomination, Biden is in the midst of a long-term ratings slump – with polling showing a steady decline since this time last year.

In fact, Biden only received net positive approval ratings from two demographics: Democrats, at 81 per cent, and Americans in the country’s Northeast, at 52 per cent.

Only five per cent of Republicans surveyed approved of the president’s performance, while GOP voters’ disapproval saw a near-record high of 93 per cent.

Joe Biden

Only five per cent of Republicans surveyed approved of Biden's performance


Democrats surveyed by Reuters also rated “extremism” as their top priority issue ahead of the economy and immigration, with Republicans placing this third.

Crucially, independent voters – on whom Biden may rely in battleground states – skewed towards disapproval of the president.

Biden’s approval rating is the lowest on record since he polled at 36 per cent July 2022, and comes as the president faces a string of policy challenges – both foreign and domestic.

Americans were deeply disapproving of the Potus’ handling of immigration and the Israel-Hamas conflict, further polling by US analytics firm Gallup found.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump by the US-Mexico border

The figures come as both Biden and potential challenger Donald Trump visited border towns this week


Biden saw a mere 30 per cent approval rating on Israel-Hamas – and the ongoing conflict has already reared its head in elections.

In Tuesday’s Michigan Democratic primary, pro-Gaza-ceasefire activists campaigned for voters to register their disapproval with Biden’s handling of the situation by voting ‘uncommitted’.

Said ballots ended up totalling 13.2 per cent of the vote; more than any of Biden’s challengers in the state.

But it’s immigration where the president scores the lowest – with 28 per cent approval and 67 per cent disapproval in Gallup’s poll, Biden will have a mountain to climb to reassure voters for whom this is a major concern.

Both Biden and likely election challenger Donald Trump were at the US-Mexico border yesterday to discuss exactly that – Biden seeking to garner support for a bipartisan border security deal, and Trump decrying “migrant crime”, laying the blame at the incumbent president’s door.

The Reuters poll said immigration was the top priority among Republican voters – a concern Trump was keen to capitalise on as he delivered remarks at Texas border town Eagle Pass alleging the US was “being overrun by the Biden migrant crime”.

Biden’s visit to Brownsville saw the president praise border officials for their work, but he called on lawmakers to “show a little spine” in supplying resources “in order to secure our border”.

The president said: “Folks, it’s time to act – it’s long past time to act.”

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