Jill Biden ‘guilty of elder abuse’ as President’s health concerns mount – ‘she’ll ride that horse to the end’

Jill Biden ‘guilty of elder abuse’ as President’s health concerns mount – ‘she’ll ride that horse to the end’

Erik Prince told Nigel Farage Democrats may have to convince Biden to drop out

GB News
James Saunders

By James Saunders

Published: 29/02/2024

- 22:33

Updated: 02/03/2024

- 13:08

Biden is ‘clearly mentally unfit’, Erik Prince told GB News

US First Lady Jill Biden has been blasted as “guilty of elder abuse” with questions over Joe Biden’s mental readiness to run for president continuing to pile up.

Speaking to GB News, Erik Prince – former Navy Seal, founder of private military company Blackwater and cyber-security firm Unplugged – said the president was “clearly mentally unfit” as he backed Donald Trump to win this year’s election.

Prince had spoken to Nigel Farage about Biden’s fragility, and explained in a later interview that the Democrats may have to step in over mental health concerns.

He said: “If the Democrats are going to remove him, they have to invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution which removes someone that's mentally unfit from doing the job.

Jill Biden, Erik Prince and Joe Biden

Prince said Jill Biden “has the will to power, and she’ll keep riding that horse ‘till the end”

Reuters/GB News

“Now, I would argue he is clearly mentally unfit. But the Senate – the very partisan Senate – doesn't see it that way.

“The fact that he just completed his physical but neglected to do a neurological exam kind of speaks volumes, right? I think in Latin, res ipsa loquitur – the thing speaks for itself.

“The Democrats have a means within their party platform to swap out Biden for another candidate as late as August, but Biden has to be willing to do that.”

Prince’s criticism of Biden comes after reports emerged that Democrat donors were “alarmed” that Biden relies on staffers’ notes for policy matters he should know off-the-cuff.

Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama

Prince said there was "real animus" between potential Democratic candidate Michelle Obama and Jill Biden


But top Democrat Chuck Schumer dismissed accusations that Biden’s memory was failing as “Republican propaganda”, insisting the incumbent’s “mental acuity is great”.

Schumer’s comments refuted a recent Department of Justice report which claimed that Biden has “diminished faculties” and a “poor memory”.

When asked if any Democrat – particularly rumoured candidate Michelle Obama – could beat Trump, Prince said: “I don’t know, but I know that there’s real animus between Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

“Jill Biden has been the one that’s really guilty of elder abuse here, because she’s the one that convinced her husband to run in ’20, and I’m sure that she’s the one that will carry on – she has the will to power, and she’ll keep riding that horse ‘till the end.”

Prince’s comments come after the surprising revelation that the 81-year-old president told his inner circle “good sex” was integral to keeping his marriage to Jill Biden, 72, going.

Katie Rogers, a New York Times White House correspondent and author of “American Woman – The Transformation of the Modern First Lady”, claimed Joe Biden said he would “rather be at home making love to [his] wife” than running for office.

Rogers said: “Joe may have tamped down on his public bedroom declarations [in] winning the presidency, but he has joked to aides that good sex is the key to a lasting and happy marriage, much to his wife’s chagrin.”

Donald Trump Jr reacted to the news with scorn, saying: “There’s literally no amount of Viagra on earth that’s going to give Joe Biden (who can barely walk without falling over) wood. Just stop!”

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