Democrats INSISTED Biden holds debate as early as possible amid fears over 'mental acuity' - 'They could actually replace him'

Democrats INSISTED Biden holds debate as early as possible amid fears over 'mental acuity' - 'They could actually replace him'

John Fund on Trump' vs Biden debate

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 24/05/2024

- 20:15

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to hold two presidential TV debates in June and September

American journalist John Fund has claimed that the Democrats insisted that Joe Biden holds the debate with Donald Trump as early as possible.

The President has been plagued by scrutiny surrounding his age, with the 81-year-old already the oldest sitting president in US history.

Speaking on GBN America, Fund said: "Well, very simply, there has to be an explanation why Joe Biden insisted on a debate in early June, which is the earliest any debate it will have been held.

"It will be held both before the Republican convention and the Democratic Convention. I can only draw one conclusion and that is [to do with] Joe Biden's shall we say, mental alertness issues.

Donald Trump

Trump called for the debate


"Enough people in his party insisted that he have a debate with Trump early enough so that if something went completely awry or there was misfortune, there would be time for the Democratic convention to reevaluate its choice.

"So they could replace the candidate. Well, the convention decides now in the past, the party has been in lockstep with whoever has won the primaries. Joe Biden won the primaries. On the other hand, should an unusual event happen. Conventions can change their mind."


By moving the debates earlier in the presidential campaign calendar, Mr Biden's proposal could lower any impact the TV clashes have on the outcome of the November presidential election, giving both candidates more time to recover from any poor performance.

The announcement of the two debates came after President Biden, laid out his terms for debating his Republican predecessor ahead of November's election.

Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is running as an independent, accused the two major candidates of colluding to exclude him.

Mr Biden's team wants the two debates to be conducted with no live audience.

John Fund

John Fund spoke to GBN America


Fund also said: "It's also a trap set up for Trump, because most people think that Donald Trump would win the debate, at least on style points, because he's aggressive and forceful and Biden is not.

"On the other hand, Biden has shown he can wield very sharp rhetoric against Trump.

"So I think Trump's problem is, expectations are too high for him.

Joe Biden

Biden has faced scrutiny over his age


"Biden's problem is that Biden can't benefit from that.

"But if something goes awry and there's a moment, for example, as there was in the 1984 debate between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale, where Reagan showed some rhetorical weakness that could lead to a cascading of doubts."

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