Reform UK now just ONE POINT behind Tories in Wales with Conservatives set for disaster

Reform UK now just ONE POINT behind Tories in Wales with Conservatives set for disaster

WATCH: Richard Tice speaks after Lee Anderson's defection to Reform UK

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 27/03/2024

- 22:01

Party leader Richard Tice said the party is 'within whisker of being second largest polling party'

Reform UK is now just one point behind the Conservatives as the second-biggest party in Wales, new polling has shown.

Polling company Redfield and Wilton show that the Welsh Conservatives, led by Andrew RT Davies, have plummeted from 36 per cent in 2019 to just 16 per cent, with Labour ahead on 49 per cent and Reform UK on 15 per cent in Wales.

The stats also show that while 82 per cent of 2019 Labour voters are still thinking of voting Labour, only 37 per cent of 2019 Conservative voters are still loyal to the Tories.

Meanwhile, a majority of Welsh voters (58 per cent) say the current UK Government is incompetent. Only 16 per cent view the UK Government as competent.

\u200bAndrew RT Davies and Richard Tice

Andrew RT Davies' Welsh Conservatives are just one point ahead of Reform in a new poll


Reform UK leader Richard Tice took to social media, saying: "Reform within a whisker of being second largest polling party. England next."

Reacting to the news, Lee Anderson MP said: "It's happening! It's up to you now to make sure the momentum gathers pace."

Elsewhere polling conducted by YouGov, put the Conservative Party on 19 per cent support, while Reform UK was on 15 per cent support, an increase of one point.

The polling comes in the wake of Lee Anderson's decision to defect to the party, crossing the floor to the opposition benches from the Tory party.


\u200bLee Anderson and Richard Tice

Lee Anderson and Richard Tice campaigning in Ashfield


It comes after Anderson said obliterating the Tories at the General Election is not "at the top of my agenda" but predicted more Conservatives would join Reform UK.

Asked about Reform UK deputy leader Ben Habib’s comments about wanting to "obliterate" the Conservatives, Mr Anderson said: "It’s not an objective which is at the top of my agenda. My vision for this party is to win seats like Ashfield… places that I think have been let down by my old party."

He added: "I have to be with a party that puts this country first, rather than their mates at the tea parties and clinking their champagne glasses...It’s a sad day that I’m leaving my colleagues. But if I’m honest, this time next year they’ll be sat on the same benches as me."

Asked about the possibility of a by-election, following his defection to Reform, he said: "You’re talking about reckless, it would be pretty reckless for me to suggest a by-election when we could have a general election in May. There’s your answer."

Lee Anderson

Former Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson speaks to GB News


Speaking after the Rochdale by-election that saw George Galloway elected as the first MP for the Worker's Party of Britain, Tice said: "Unfortunately the behaviour of certain candidates and supporters means this has fallen well below our tradition.

"What we witnessed here is deeply disturbing. Our candidate and campaign team have been subjected to death threats, and vile racist abuse, been refused entry to hustings in council buildings and had to be re-located for their own safety.

"They have suffered daily intimidation and slurs."

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