Asylum judges should be held accountable for their decisions, says new Conservative Deputy Chairman

Asylum judges should be held accountable for their decisions, says new Conservative Deputy Chairman
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/03/2024

- 20:45

The new Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party has said he believes judges should be ‘held as accountable as anyone else’ over asylum decisions.

Jonathan Gullis also said the Church of England ‘has yet again got questions to answer’ over the case of Abdul Ezedi.

Speaking on GB News, Jonathan Gullis said: “I think the Prime Minister was, in fact, wholly correct to make it very clear that you enter this country illegally, you will not be able to claim asylum. Because ultimately, that's one way of ensuring that people who come here and sadly in this particular case, a very malicious individual who shouldn't have been allowed to remain here.

“It's disgusting and abhorrent that they were able to stay here and obviously commit that heinous crime they did go on to, as well as the one before that which they were convicted for.

“So I think that ultimately what's very clear here again, is the Church of England has yet again got questions to answer.

“Justin Welby seems reluctant to look into it and is just trying to deny any culpability even though he is the head of the Church of England.

“Judges should be held as accountable as anyone else when it comes to decisions that are made, whether they're right or wrong, and we should have that ability to have people held accountable.

“Sadly there isn’t a united view on this from the left and the right. What we see in the House of Commons is that every single time we’ve tried to bring in legislation to toughen up, not just the Home Office procedure but also the legal framework in which these abuses and these human rights lawyers and do-gooders are using in order to keep these kinds of dangerous criminals in this country, the Labour Party votes against all these measures and uses their peers in the House of Lords to block and delay what we are trying to do.”


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