Mark Harper grilled on Tories attacking Reform amid 'catastrophic' polling: 'Should be attacking Labour!'

Mark Harper grilled on Tories attacking Reform amid 'catastrophic' polling: 'Should be attacking Labour!'

WATCH NOW: Mark Harper reacts to Lord Cameron's attack on Nigel Farage

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 16/06/2024

- 11:00

Updated: 16/06/2024

- 11:58

Reform UK are currently polling one point ahead of the Conservatives, according to YouGov figures

Transport Secretary Mark Harper has been grilled for the Conservative Party's fresh attack on Nigel Farage, as Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron claimed the Reform UK leader wants to "destroy" the Tories.

Speaking to The Times, Lord Cameron claimed Farage is "trying to destroy the Conservative Party by standing for Reform".

He added: "I want to be as sure as we can that we get no Reform members of parliament and the Conservative Party can move forward."

Speaking to GB News, Harper was pressed on the remarks made by Cameron and was accused by Camilla of "attacking the right" and "attacking their own".

Camilla Tominey

Camilla Tominey grills Mark Harper on the Tories choosing to attack Reform UK leader Nigel Farage

GB News

Camilla told Harper: "Is it helpful for Lord Cameron to be attacking Nigel Farage? The people you should be attacking all the time are Labour rather than Reform, because at the end of the day, you're almost attacking yourself. You're attacking the right.

"At the end of the day, populist populism, if that's how you want to dress up Reform and Farage, is always going to be more successful electorally than unpopularism. The Tories are unpopular, and yet he's attacking Reform for being populist?"

Harper responded: "I think it's important to appeal to voters that are thinking about voting for Reform who've previously voted Conservative.

"I think those voters want lower taxes and they want lower migration, both legal and illegal."

Nigel Farage

Lord Cameron has said Nigel Farage is 'out to destroy the Conservatives'


Defending the Conservatives's plan for the next term in office, Harper claimed that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has a "clear plan" and a "clear manifesto".


Harper told GB News: "We've got a clear manifesto to cut taxes, we've got a clear plan to deal with legal migration, which we accept is too high.

"We've already made changes, not promised ones, but already made changes that will halve legal migration over the next year. And we've got a very clear Rwanda plan to deter illegal migration."

Harper also claimed that despite Labour being the "only alternative government" to the Tories that will be elected, their manifesto will do "none of the things" promised by the Conservatives.

He continued: "They'll put people's taxes up and they'll put up migration and have an effective amnesty for people coming here illegally.

Mark Harper

Mark Harper says the Conservatives should be '100 per cent focussed on the election'

GB News

"Now, that's the choice facing people. I think those people that are attracted to Reform can see of those two choices, they need to vote Conservative to get lower taxes and lower migration."

When pressed by Camilla on whether Rishi Sunak is a "help or hinderance" on the election campaign trail, Harper affirmed his defence of the party and its leader, assuring the Prime Minister will do "the right thing for the country" if elected again.

Harper claimed: "I think he's very strong on the campaign trail. People can always take this, he will do the right thing for the country that's in the country's interests, even if it's difficult. And he has to take some flak for doing it.

"He'll always do the right thing, that's what people want in a Prime Minister. Someone will do the right thing for them and their family and not what's immediately popular and easy for him."

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