Labour Party 'ready to take on' Nigel Farage and Reform UK - Wes Streeting

Labour Party 'ready to take on' Nigel Farage and Reform UK - Wes Streeting
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 14/06/2024

- 14:53

THE Labour Party is ready to take on Nigel Farage and Reform UK, says Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting.

He told GB News: “For once, I agree with Nigel Farage - why on earth would you trust a party and its promises when they've had those promises in four manifestos now and broken them every time?

“I’ll just say two things about Nigel Farage and Reform. Firstly, this is another chapter in the Conservative Party's psychodrama, when we've got Conservative candidates like Andrea Jenkyns that have got Nigel on her leaflets rather than her own leader.

“If the Tories get back in, this is the next chapter of that story, the chaos, the division, do they merge with Reform, is Nigel their next leader or not? That's chaos that we don't need anywhere near government.”

‘And the second thing I'd say is, on Nigel Farage, I don't underestimate him as a campaigner. We have sometimes learned that to our cost while being on the losing side to Nigel Farage.”

Streeting continued: “He's a formidable campaigner, but what Farage has never been tested on is actually delivering the change he says he wants to bring about.

“So we're going to take him on, on the arguments, we're going to take him on, on the issues.

“I think it's appalling actually the way in which he's had things pelted at him during this election campaign. He's got every right to be heard.

“We're going to take him on, on the arguments and if he's elected to Parliament, and that's a big if , he’s not been so far, we will take him on in the Commons chamber.

“But otherwise, whether it's in Clacton or across the rest of the country, people have got good Labour candidates who if we get elected can deliver the change, the practical real change our country is crying out for.”

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