Islamists warned Britain will NOT tolerate intimidation: Iain Duncan Smith blasts 'your time is up!'

Islamists warned Britain will NOT tolerate intimidation: Iain Duncan Smith blasts 'your time is up!'

WATCH NOW: Iain Duncan Smith warns Islamist extremists

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/03/2024

- 11:55

Rishi Sunak said the actions of extremist groups in Britain has gone on 'long enough'

Iain Duncan Smith has warned extremists that their "time is up" after Rishi Sunak made an unprecedented intervention into the growing intimidation by small groups.

In a statement outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister warned of forces "trying to tear us apart" and that the actions of protesters following the Hamas attacks on October 7 has "gone on long enough".

Addressing the nation, Sunak said: "In recent weeks and months, we have seen a shocking increase in extremist disruption and criminality. What started as protests on our streets has descended into intimidation, threats and planned acts of violence.

"Jewish children fearful to wear their school uniform lest it reveal their identity. Muslim women abused in the street for the actions of a terrorist group they have no connection with. Now our democracy itself is a target."
Iain Duncan Smith Rishi Sunak

Iain Duncan Smith says 'time is up' for Islamist extremists

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The Prime Minister called for an end to the extremist behaviour and praised the "patriotic, liberal, and democratic" society of Britain.

Speaking on GB News, former leader of the Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith shared his support for Sunak's address and praised him for "saying the right things".

Duncan Smith questioned whether the Prime Minister's words would be put into action and if the Tory Government will "act on" the increasingly "intimidating" marches through London streets.

The Tory MP revealed he has been speaking to "a lot of Jewish people" who are now "frightened" to be living in Britain.

Duncan Smith continued: "These sort of things damage people's lives, they worry them. Here in the UK, people shouldn't live like that in fear. We need now to take action where this is necessary to stop this sort of process.

"Of course, peaceful marches are fine, it's people's political right, it's part of the freedoms. But too often it seems to intimidate others and impose themselves on them."

Reacting to the victory of George Galloway in Rochdale's by-election, which Rishi Sunak branded "alarming", the Conservative MP said Galloway is a "product of what's been going on in the UK" for some time now, which he says is "very sad".

When asked by host Michelle Dewberry about the growing concerns for MP security, Duncan Smith recalled his own personal experiences with intimidation and threats.

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith says the police needs to 'take action' against threats to MP security

GB News

He revealed: "I've had death threats, I had a death threat last year, which accused myself and my office of being Jewish.

"I'm not Jewish, but I'm proud to have been thought of being Jewish. I think that it's a ridiculous statement to make, but therefore is a death threat encompassed in it. I just report these things to the police, hope that the police will take action."

Duncan Smith continued: "Sometimes I'm a bit concerned, because they seem as though they shrug and say there's nothing we can do about it. But I do think that action needs to be taken by the police. They need to recognise that some of these things are genuine threats.

"To those who want to make people feel scared, I think we should have only one message. I thought the Prime Minister made it today - your time is up."

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