‘Horrific - completely offensive!’ Outrage as Britons risk jail for breaking net zero rules

Rishi Sunak and Craig Mackinlay

Rishi Sunak is under pressure

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 05/09/2023

- 17:20

Updated: 05/09/2023

- 17:40

Rishi Sunak is facing a rebellion from a group Tory MPs

Pressure is mounting on Rishi Sunak over his Energy Bill that could lead to legal ramifications for homeowners across the country.

A group of MPs from his own party are set to rebel, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, as they cite draconian measures which could impact many, possibly even leading to jail terms.

Another disavowing Tory MP is Craig Mackinlay, who dubbed the bill “horrendous” in a scathing rant on GB News.

He added the bill could result in homeowners facing jail time for breaking new rules which all come as a part of the drive for net zero.


“I think it’s a horrendous bill”, he said.

“It’s 379 pages, there’s 144 pages of amendments, many of them in my name. It’s a bill of yesteryear, it was founded on Boris who certainly drunk the Kool-Aid on many of these environmental issues.


“This is a truly horrific bill. It allows all sorts of intrusive powers to tell you exactly what you must and mustn’t do.

“I would rather it was scrapped and we start again.”

Mackinlay told Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner that a specific clause relating to sanctions could spell grave consequences for those who break new rules.

He said: “I’m particularly concerned about clause 248. It’s helpfully called sanctions.

Government promises to make it easier to build wind farms in England

The ban on onshore wind farms has been lifted


“Under section two there are civil penalties, up to £15,000 for not doing the right thing on net zero.

“It’s even worse in clause and subsection three - energy performance regulations may provide for criminal offences with imprisonment for up to 12 months.”

According to The Telegraph, the Energy Bill will allow councils the right to be able to build proposed wind farms if there is community support.

In October last year Sunak pledged to keep the onshore wind farm ban in place.

In a boost for the prime minister, Labour are said to support the bill, making it a difficult one for rebelling Tory backbenchers to overturn.

Mackinlay is hopeful that the bill will “never see the light of day again” in a passionate plea for it to be “parked” in the Lords.

“I’m a Conservative for freedom, not to put people in prison for not adhering to this net zero religion”, he said.

“This is a horrific bill. It should be scrapped. It should be parked in the Lords if it gets there and never see the light of day again.”

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