'Grow a pair!' Bev Turner rages at PM over trans row: 'Say what you believe in!'

'Grow a pair!' Bev Turner rages at PM over trans row: 'Say what you believe in!'

Bev Turner tells Rishi Sunak to 'grow a pair'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 08/02/2024

- 12:04

Father of murdered teenager Brianna Ghey has called on the PM to apologise for comments made in Parliament

GB News host Bev Turner has passionately demanded Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “grows a pair” amid growing scrutiny over his trans comments.

It comes after Brianna Ghey’s father called on the PM to apologise for a “degrading” and “dehumanising” remark made in the Commons in front of the mother of the murdered teenager.

Esther Ghey was visiting Parliament when Sunak accused Starmer of having difficulty in “defining a woman” during an attack on Labour Party U-turns.

In an interview watched by GB News presenters Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce, Sunak stood by his “absolutely legitimate” point.

Rishi Sunak and Bev Turner

Bev Turner has demanded the PM stands up for what he believes in


“If you look at what I said, I was very clear, talking about Starmer’s proven track record of U-turns on major policies because he doesn’t have a plan.

“A point only proven by today’s reports that the Labour Party and Keir Starmer are planning to reverse on their signature economic green spending policy.”


Bev Turner lashed out at the remarks, saying the PM should be unequivocal in his intention not to issue an apology.

He went on to discuss the dental issues facing Britain, with dentists to receive £20,000 bonuses to take on more NHS patients.

Bev said the PM looked “relieved” to have averted discussing the comment any further.

“That’s him this morning, swinging on a giant hook”, she said.

Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner

Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce outlined what they think the PM should have said


Brianna Ghey

Keir Starmer lashed out at the PM for making the comments in the wake of the sentencing of Brianna Ghey's murderers


“He refused to apologise, but also refused to say, ‘no I won’t apologise’, just grow a pair!”

Andrew waded in to outline what he would have said in Sunak’s situation, comments branded “diplomatic” by a chuckling Bev.

“If I was him, I would have said ‘in no way did I wish to offend the family of Brianna Ghey, I do not feel I have anything to apologise for’.

“He looks evasive because he answers a different question. All politicians are guilty of the same thing.”

Bev added: “He should have said, ‘no I am not going to apologise. I am the Prime Minister and this is the House of Commons. If we go down the route of forever policing what we say out of fear of upsetting someone in the room, we lose free speech’.

“There’s where the nation would applaud him.”

Brianna’s mother had been in Westminster during PMQs with her local MP in Warrington, Charlotte Nichols, as she campaigns for mindfulness lessons to be taught in schools following the killing of her daughter.

Brianna was stabbed to death by teenagers Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe in a Cheshire park last February.

During their sentencing earlier this month, the judge said the “exceptionally brutal” murder had elements of both sadism on the part of Jenkinson and transphobic hate on the part of Ratcliffe.

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