Woke warriors hate community, hate patriotism and hate nationhood, says Mark Dolan

Woke warriors hate community, hate patriotism and hate nationhood, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 21/07/2022

- 21:32

Updated: 21/07/2022

- 23:09

Mark Dolan has taken aim at advocates of woke ideology

The Labour MP Chris Bryant made quite a splash on LBC radio, by effectively saying being woke – in other worlds ultra PC - just means you're a nice person. Here's what he had to say.

Paul Embery, trade union activist, yes a voice of the left and also a GB news presenter, put it brilliantly in response to the Bryant video.

This video, predictably, was liked by the BBC's wokester in chief, virtue signalling millionaire Gary Lineker.

Lineker is so woke he drives an electric car, that’s when he's not driving one of these more powerful, gas guzzling machines.

Lineker is so woke and so worried about poverty, but has been in a tax dispute with the HMRC who believe he owes them millions.

He’s so woke, he even claims to be a victim of racism, something refuted by GB News Nana Acua, who famously said on this network.

“Sorry Gary, I am black and you are white. You don’t know anything about racism”.

And this is a central theme of so-called wokeism – hypocrisy. Pretending to be such a nice, lovely person, that wants the world to be a better place, but often doing quite the opposite in your own actions. Like the climate change fanatics, that travel everywhere by private jet.

Anyone that spends any amount of time on social media will tell you that the rainbow flag-waving, “be kind brigade”, are some of the most vicious bullies you will find.

They’ve normally got a blue heart, something about the NHS, and even though they hate the Union Jack flag, are normally flying the obligatory EU and Ukrainian ones. Woke warriors try to appropriate empathy for what is in fact a deeply toxic and illiberal cause.

Because wokeism is in fact I am deeply totalitarian. It’s ultimately about deciding which books you can and cannot read, which artwork should be on display, which jokes should be told and which songs you should or shouldn’t be singing along to.

It’s a Maoist style land grab of our history, our language, our institutions and our culture. It's the reason why talented and thought-provoking journalists and authors get cancelled from universities, because their views might be deemed unsafe, for those incredibly fragile students.

God forbid that universities should challenge the ideas of their undergraduates, who have borrowed so much money for an alleged education, but thanks to the deeply embedded woke culture in universities, are now simply paying to be brainwashed and have their narrow views confirmed. I'm terrified for the future, when that generation are running the country.

Wokeism sees Shakespeare, the greatest author in the history of humanity as problematic. The Globe Theatre have been looking to rewrite his incredible works, in order to “decolonise” them.

Strange that, given that Shakespeare existed centuries before the colonial era began. And Churchill the great war hero who defeated mass murdering racist Hitler, is now apparently a bad man. Wow.

To abuse the memory of Churchill, a man who saved the free world and millions of lives, is in my view a profound sin and eye-wateringly offensive.

But wokeism has no real empathy, no logic, it makes no sense, it's bonkers and contradictory. And wokeism isn't just cultural. It has suffused public policy. It's my view that Covid was the first woke pandemic, where it suddenly became the state’s job to take control of our health, our money and our lives.

It was woke warriors who would have you believe Covid was the bubonic plague, and we are now paying the price for what, in my view, was a hysterical overreaction. Sky high inflation, a waiting list of 12 million people in the NHS and a generation of damaged kids.

Masking people was classic woke – no strong evidence they do anything, but visible proof of compliance, and membership of the cult.

The woke impulse in relation to the pandemic was to stop the virus and to give everyone money. That was the nice thing to do.

To be seen to save lives. In reality, many more will die, thanks to the damage of lockdowns, economic devastation and ignored other illnesses.

Not very nice that, is it? And it’s not very nice as millions struggle to pay their energy bills and future generations now burdened with massive debt, not of their own making. Wokeism and communism dovetail closely.

It's all about the big state, about doing things for the public good, like having a vaccine against your will, or muzzling your face.

And it characterises anyone that doesn't comply as a bad person. Tricks used by evil dictators since day one.

Vaccine mandates - where you lose your job or freedoms, for a jab you may not statistically need - is also classic woke. It’s my view that vaccine mandates are nothing less than chemical rape. How ironic that pro choice abortion campaigners in the US, who bang on about bodily autonomy, don’t take the same view when it’s a needle being forced into your arm. In the church of woke, dissent will not be tolerated.

Whilst we don't have the public use of terror against rebels, we do have the virtual public beating. People being cancelled, ostracised and losing their livelihoods and reputation, for thinking the wrong things, doing the wrong things, or saying the wrong things. Can there be a more high-profile example of this woke council culture than the most successful British author of the last 200 years, JK Rowling.

She created the fictional game Quidditch in her Harry Potter books. Sporting leagues in the US have now changed the name to Quadball, because she is such a monster, apparently. You will never be woke enough for these people.

Rowling, herself a progressive, left-leaning artist has been effectively edited out of her own literary history, tippexced away by the film studios she enriched, and thrown under the bus by young actors who she made millionaires, for stating the basic scientific facts about human biology. That there are just two biological sexes.

And that's a key aspect of wokeism. It's built on lies. The lie that a biological man, rocking the full meat and two veg is a biological woman.

The real world consequences of this kind of woke ideology, which is contradicted by every biology textbook you'll find, is that you now have biological men going into women's changing rooms, impregnating women in jail cells and smashing young female athletes in the swimming pool, with nobody seeming to pick up on the fact that Leah Thomas’s speedos, are significantly fuller than those of her female rivals.

It's all balls. Woke warriors hate community, they hate patriotism and they hate nationhood. Why? Because those things bring people together. They seek division at every turn, viewing the world through the through the lens of race, social class, economic status, and personal politics.

Wokeism is a global movement, with growing demand among these nutters effectively for open borders, without thinking for a second about the huge societal, economic and national security implications.

When real people suffer, they will fall silent, because they are weak too. Wokeism trades on being nice, but it's not nice at all. It's vicious, unforgiving and highly destructive. It works against Western values of economic and political liberalism, democracy and free speech.

Being woke doesn't make you a nice person, it makes you quite the opposite. It's fascism draped in a cloak of empathy, it's cruelty dressed up as kindness and it's hypocrisy in heels.

Wokeism is the single biggest threat to the west, far worse than terrorism or international bad actors. Free democracies like the US and Britain now contain within them, the seeds of their own destruction, with woke forces at play, to divide our society and destroy our economy.

The only winners in all of this are China, who are more than happy to watch us tear ourselves apart.

Tackling wokeism is a democratic, cultural, economic and national security emergency. And there's no one that won't ultimately be affected. Wake up to wokeism folks, because you’ll be next.

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