Trump didn't just win Iowa big - he's on course to crush Biden too, says Michael Heaver

Trump didn't just win Iowa big - he's on course to crush Biden too, says Michael Heaver

Michael Heaver analyses the prospects for Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the US Presidential election.

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Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 17/01/2024

- 10:10

In this GB News members-only video, GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver gives the lowdown as the 2024 US Election gets underway

Donald Trump continues to dominate American politics, and I actually think he's dominating even more than people realise.

Now, of course, we've seen the results from the Iowa caucuses, which really are quite astonishing.

A majority of those who voted who have participated in the Iowa caucuses backed Donald Trump. He won 51 per cent of support

It should not be underestimated what an achievement that is for Trump to get that level of support. This is unprecedented in terms of that Republican Iowa race to see a front runner win by such a large margin.

But here's what people are not talking about as much: it's the fact that Trump against Joe Biden as it stands has a very emphatic result as well

Now it seems Biden, despite some very weak poll numbers, you're not seeing any significant challenge really from within the Democratic Party against Biden.

So it looks like as it stands, Trump versus Biden is more likely than not going to be the choice put to American voters once again.

When you look, for instance, at the Redfield and Wilton polling of key battleground states, you see that everywhere from Arizona to Georgia to Pennsylvania, Trump is beating Biden across all of those battleground states as things stand.

So with a massive lead in the Republican race - Trump in some states polling over 60 per cent - he's also way ahead in terms of the battleground states, head to head with Joe Biden.

So yes, Trump is the overwhelming favorite and frontrunner still for the Republican nomination, and the Iowa result confirmed it.

But don't ignore the fact that as things stand when it comes to a Trump-Biden rematch, Donald Trump has the advantage.

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