'It's about time the world’s most entitled couple, lost their titles altogether', says Mark Dolan

'It's about time the world’s most entitled couple, lost their titles altogether', says Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 10/03/2023

- 23:13

Updated: 11/03/2023

- 12:32

A title says a lot, doesn't it? A doctor is either a well-read, well-researched academic or somebody that can help you with a physical ailment. A Sir, a dame or a lady, is a venerated member of society, whose contribution to one field or another – charity, the creative arts, or industry - is worthy of note or reward. You would think, therefore, that any British princess, was by definition allied to the Royal cause.

How confusing therefore that the privacy-obsessed self-publicists, Harry and Meghan, should seek to burden their youngest child with the title of princess, a title so representative of an institution they clearly loathe, and one representative of a country, with which they have fallen out of love?

According to Booho Harry and his other half Woko Moano, the royal family are emotionally unfeeling, dishonest, duplicitous and potentially racist. If they are so hostile to the family and the institution, why would they consign their youngest daughter to a lifetime of royal obligation? I can think of a few million reasons why.

This couple always say one thing and do another. They demand privacy, whilst going on chat shows and releasing tell-all books, they demand action on climate change, whilst jetting around the world on a private jet, and they spend every waking hour attacking the Royal family, whilst cashing in on the prestige that being the Sussexes brings.

As for their youngest daughter, who by the way is a beautiful child, and we wish her every happiness in her life going forward, it's not her fault. I'm sure she's a terrific kid and will have a brilliant and constructive life. But by christening her princess, her parents are signing up to a British tradition that they claim to dislike so much and which I thought they were leaving. This poor child's birth certificate is littered with Royal name-drops – princess Lilibet Diana. How they didn't manage to squeeze in Henry the eighth, Queen Victoria and Catherine the Great, is anyone's guess. It's obvious this couple want to have their cake and eat it and they will never give up the Royal gravy train.

Calling their daughter princess is shallow, it's cheap, it's gold digging and it is utter double standards. You're either a royal or you're not – you can't be half in, half out, as this couple seem to think they can. Right now they are laughing at the institution, they are laughing at king Charles and they are laughing at the country, whilst laughing, all the way to the bank. What pair of bankers.

I think it's time for Charles to call the bluff of this couple. He's already dumped them out of Frogmore, which had me leaping for joy, and I think now he should dump them out of his family. Tear up the invitation to the coronation and make it clear they are no longer Royals, even if they call themselves as much. This couple, who have willingly departed the Royal family and hate the monarchy so much, have no right to be calling their children Prince and Princess. It's a breach of the trade descriptions act. They are no more prince and princess than I am the fifth Beatle. It’s time the world’s most entitled couple, lost their titles altogether.

What do you think? Constitutional experts would argue that Harry and Meghan’s children automatically become prince and princess, so it is their birthright. The couple would argue they were hounded out of this country by an aggressive media and an uncaring royal household, they have raised a fortune for charity and consistently use their platform to help others less fortunate than themselves. What’s your view? Mark@gbnews.uk

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