The Royal Family puts the Great in Great Britain, says Nana Akua

The Royal Family puts the Great in Great Britain, says Nana Akua
25 Dec Nana Akua
Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 25/12/2022

- 16:52

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:18

Let’s raise a glass to the monarchy.

Today I actually wanted to celebrate what we have in this country. There’s enough people putting it down.

The one great bastion that sets us aside from most and the one great constant that has given this country the stability and celebrates the traditions and the history, good or bad. That puts the great in Great Britain. I want to celebrate The Monarchy. And it’s not easy being Royal.

Victoria Jones

When I hear people denigrate the monarchy in this country, I ask myself why? What would you put in its place.... more politicians? It’s the last great thing holding this great country together.

But this once great country is falling apart at the seams.

Institutions that have been the envy of the rest of the world are turning into a laughingstock.

Take the NHS. Stay at home, save lives, Save the NHS. Remember that? We clapped in the streets. We stayed at home to the detriment of our own health so that the NHS would not get overwhelmed.

Only to find our taxpayers cash going into mismanagement, a frivolous attitude towards procurement, equality diversity and inclusion jobs.

One role I read the other day offering 115k for a director of lived experience.

What the hell is that?! We can all do that, sign me up!

And all this at the expense of the front line staff who in my view could do with a decent pay rise, maybe not 19 percent but I get it, if the government can find the money to enable non-dom status for the Prime Minister's wife and other multimillionaires and can pluck billions from thin air, then who can blame the nurses, rail workers and anyone else from having a pop.

Only, plucking money out of thin air causes inflation which is why we are where we are.

But the wheels of the monarchy keep turning. Not driven by career goals like our politicians. The monarchy doesn’t go on strike..., after the year it’s had, you’d think it might consider it.

You’ve got the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island in disarray.

Take Scotland, with one trick pony, one agenda Nicola Sturgeon at the helm, my mother can’t stand her, “I Just can’t stand that woman”.

Instead of dealing with Scotland’s drug problem, murder rate and the high levels of poverty, when Nicola’s not fighting for independence, she’s passing laws for trans people to self ID at an earlier age without any need for medical supervision.

Which in my view is madness. Creating laws that help a tiny minority of people at the expense of the huge majority. Women call that democracy.

Aaron Chown

If you want an example of a brilliant woman, take our late Queen Elizabeth the second. A woman in command, exerting soft power and protecting the union, the very opposite to Nicola Sturgeon

We've seen Beergate, Partygate, the 45 days of Liz Truss. Our politicians are changing more frequently than the guards, with three Prime Ministers in this year alone. Yet, the Monarchy is unflinching, the stability this 1000-year-old institution offers is not to be sniffed at. I ask again... What would you put in its place? More politicians? No thanks.

And being Royal is a lot harder than it looks. Meghan Markle is testament to that. She can’t admit that she was unable to grasp how difficult it actually is and the incredible sacrifice that theses amazing individuals give for this country. They made it look easy. Sadly, both Meghan and Harry failed, which is why they are so bitter, blaming everything on race, they are too stubborn to admit that they were simply not selfless enough.

They were eaten up by jealousy, despite being given all the tools and limitless cash to succeed.

Giving up one of the most incredible and privileged roles on the planet to join the rat race like the rest of us.

The world watched and celebrated the Jubilee, it mourned with us over the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second and the eyes of the world will be upon us once again at the Coronation of King Charles.

Our late Queen had the right idea. Never complain, never explain.

The monarchy is at work all day every day, upholding the traditions values of this country. It puts the Great in Great Britain

So let’s raise a glass to the institution, the foundation of the union, the glue that hold this country together. Let’s raise a glass to the monarchy.

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