'Royal British Legion must bin off new politically correct non-job and give money to veterans' - Philip Davies

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Sir Philip Davies MP says he's frustrated after seeing the Head of Diversity and Inclusion job advert on the Royal British Legion website

Philip Davies

By Philip Davies

Published: 27/05/2024

- 05:00

Sir Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, urges the Royal British Legion (RBL) to scrap its Head of Diversity and Inclusion role and give the salary of more than £60,000 to veterans instead

In just a few weeks it will be the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Up and down the country people from all different walks of life will be attending events to mark the anniversary of this landmark date to recognise the sacrifice made by so many brave members of our armed forces to save us from tyranny.

The Royal British Legion will be front and centre at some of these celebrations - an organisation I have always admired.

I have also, like many others, more than happily contributed to the Legion over the years to help them support former veterans.

When it comes to the Royal British Legion there is, however, in my mind now a “but”.

This is because I am very frustrated to see a new job advert on their website for a “Head of Diversity and Inclusion”.

Chelsea pensioner wears war medals and poppy from Royal British Legion

Sir Philip Davies wants the salary of more than £60,000 to go to war veterans instead


The Royal British Legion says: “We are looking for a Head of Diversity and Inclusion to join our People & OD senior leadership team at RBL and be a true custodian of our organisational diversity and inclusion strategic vision.

"Inclusion at RBL is a key part of our values, as well as being a critical component of our culture alignment programme.”

Much of the information they have provided sounds nonsense and I am not sure I even understand half of it.

I mean what on earth is a “cultural alignment programme” when it comes to the Royal British Legion and what or who is a “true custodian of our organisational diversity and inclusion strategic vision”?

Apart from the fact that much of this sounds nonsense, it is – as usual – expensive nonsense. The salary for this non-job is going to be between £64,122 and £67,437 per annum.

That’s going to take a lot of bucket-shaking to raise – never mind the additional costs of employing such a person that the Legion will have to fork out.

To put It another way, around 32,500 people would have to make a £2 donation just to cover this wage alone.

This Head of Diversity and Inclusion is not going to raise a single penny to help the aims of the Royal British Legion and will actually be taking money that has been raised away from the real purpose of the Legion.

When people are handing over their hard-earned cash I am sure they do not expect it to be wasted in this way. They will think it is going to support a deserving veteran or help the cause generally.

It is very sad to think that this whole agenda has permeated an organisation which is already, by its very nature, inclusive in the true sense of the word.

The Royal British Legion is supported by the young and old, people of all races and backgrounds and it acts as a great unifier.

You only need to look around in November at the number of different people wearing poppies.


Our shared history and appreciation of the massive contribution made in the pursuit of freedom bring us together in a way that no equality and diversity strategy or politically correct theory will ever do.

What is even worse is that often these agendas tend to achieve the exact opposite of this.

I wish the Royal British Legion well but I seriously hope they will reconsider going down this route with the closing date for this job just before the D-Day anniversary next month.

I would urge them to change their mind and bin off this expensive, harmful, politically correct non-job and instead give the money to the people who fought for our freedom and who actually deserve it.

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