‘Enough is enough – It’s time to stop this abuse of our generosity,’ says Richard Tice

Bibby Stockholm barge and Abdul Ezedi
Asylum seekers aboard the Bibby Stockholm barge and Abdul Ezedi tried to expedite their applications by claiming they had converted to Christianity
Richard Tice

By Richard Tice

Published: 10/02/2024

- 06:00

Writing for GB News membership readers, Richard Tice says the asylum system has taken British people for fools

Most of us like to be hospitable and generous when we can. A trip to the pub, buying a drink for a friend, giving a helping hand. We Brits have one of the strongest charitable sectors in the world, because of our Christian-based generosity. But no one likes being taken advantage of, such as the friend who takes, but never buys you a drink in return.

The scrounger on the take but never getting off their backside to help themselves. Those who abuse our kind generosity are soon outed.

Lawyers, lefty do-gooders, priests and well-meaning but naive charities have helped grow the asylum system. At best they are naive fools being used and abused, but more likely, they are actively seeking and using fraudulent ways to boost the chances of a successful claim.

In truth it is good for business, there is lots of money swirling around this sector. They have lots of friends and colleagues in the Home Office as well as in the claims tribunals. It is no surprise that the successful claim rate has soared from 20 per cent in 2004 to 75 per cent in recent years.

Abdul EzediAbdul Ezedi is the subject of a national manhunt by policeMetropolitan Police

This is a national scandal that is costing British taxpayers many billions of pounds every year in cost as well as lower taxes due to illegal working.

British workers' wages are being depressed, and a real sense of anger and unfairness is coursing through the veins of the population, whilst the political elite are totally out of touch with how it affects people and communities.

But it is not just the money. It is about our safety and security. Sadly we have seen the life-changing injuries from the Clapham chemical attacker on a mother with her two children. We have seen numerous other thefts, violent attacks, sexual assaults, drug dealing, stabbings and even murders.

I believe these numbers are way above the comparable numbers for the population as a whole. This means that we are less safe. The mainstream media do not want to talk about this as they do not want to talk about immigration. But the situation is now so acute that they are being forced to discuss it. The authorities do not, of course, want to reveal the dart because of the resultant explosion in anger that will ensue.


The Republic of Ireland is in an even worse position than ourselves. This is affecting the fabric and culture of our nation.

We now learn of corrupt Home Office officials working in cahoots with dodgy solicitors over more than a decade to wrongly approve many hundreds of asylum applications. They have earned over £6million for their illegal trade. Yet their sentences do not reflect the seriousness of their crimes.

Enough is enough. We must stop this now. It requires starting again with a new Department of Immigration that is staffed by people who believe in the noble cause of protecting our borders and keeping fellow British citizens safe. It requires stopping the vast network of money laundering of the huge profits of drug gangs. This happens via car washes, barbershops, and candy shops that have all appeared in towns across the UK in just a few years. It is not difficult. A team under my control would have this sorted within 12 months.

I am sick of this blatant abuse of our hospitality and generosity. It is time to stop this abuse and save Britain.

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