Patriotism has become an insult in Britain - we must fly the Union Jack with pride, says Ben Habib

Patriotism has become an insult in Britain - we must fly the Union Jack with pride, says Ben Habib

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Ben Habib

By Ben Habib

Published: 10/04/2024

- 17:06

The UK is heading to societal breakdown, with inter-ethnic distrust and antipathy

The numbers speak for themselves. No amount of obfuscation and “I have only been in office for 18 months” gets Sunak off the hook. He has been a cabinet minister throughout this government. And throughout this government immigration has risen. It has now gone ballistic.

Sunak welcomes immigration. He would rather keep British citizens out of work for imported cheap labour.

And, as for Labour, they positively despise the working class and electorate required to get them into office.

Their party long ceased to represent British workers. Starmer is a globalist who prefers Davos to Westminster, thinks 1% of women have a penis and that Black Lives Matter. He reckons rampant immigration will keep Labour in office for decades.

That is also why he wants to give EU citizens the vote – no doubt taking us back into the EU as part of the process.

Between these two broken parties, the nation-state of the United Kingdom is being rubbed out.

Now we hear three-quarters of British Muslims do not even think Hamas committed murder and rape in the 7 October attack on Israel.

This will not trouble Starmer. He will simply remove his poppy to ingratiate himself. No doubt accusing those of us who are troubled of being xenophobic, racist and Islamophobic. Tory MPs will shrug their shoulders and dismiss it as the thing of culture wars.

When will they realise that for societal harmony and economic prosperity a settled culture is vital?

The UK is heading to societal breakdown, with inter-ethnic distrust and antipathy.

Neoliberals bang the drum of diversity; seeing it as some sort of ideal state. It is not. Their diversity is without integration. It is therefore often practiced in ghettos. Each ethnic group staying closely knit, not exchanging thoughts or beliefs, let alone allowing themselves openly to be ideologically challenged. Instead of a richer society with diversity of thought, we simply have division.

This division is part of government policy. It is regulatorily promoted. Attempts made to challenge the narrative are derided and legislated against.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, DEI, has been hard-wired into every aspect of British life. It requires that we progressively discriminate in favour of ethnic and other minorities. How could there be any integration if minorities are economically advantaged without it?

With the massive number of people that have come and are coming to the UK from many different cultural backgrounds there can be no hope of settled society. The schisms in British society are manifold.

To make matters worse, new laws have been introduced to make it illegal even to challenge belief systems. The most recent being the Hate Crime Law in Scotland. Blasphemy laws have been reintroduced through the backdoor. Labour intends to introduce a law against Islamophobia.

Multiculturalism is not serving to create a vibrant enlightened integrated British society. It is breaking society.

The problem needs gripping or it will continue to grip us.

The solutions are simple. Slash immigration and ditch DEI. Repeal the Equalities Act – which embeds inequality. Require all that settle here to speak English, progressively promote British culture and history. Require our schools stop the lies about our forefathers being, and the nation’s wealth coming from, slave traders. Swear allegiance to King and country.

Sing the National Anthem!

The country will only be saved when patriotism is no longer used as an insult, and we can fly the Union Jack with pride.

I yearn for that day.

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