'Hello, Earth calling Meghan! It's REALLY bad - Duchess of Sussex website heartless and cold', says Nana Akua

'Hello, Earth calling Meghan! It's REALLY bad - Duchess of Sussex website heartless and cold', says Nana Akua

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Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 10/04/2024

- 14:17

Updated: 10/04/2024

- 14:42

Meghan must be spitting feathers that Catherine is idolised even more

Word on the street is surrounding Prince Harry, and whether he will indeed come back to the UK for the 10th anniversary of Invictus, and whether he can persuade Meghan and the children to accompany him, and maybe for them to see their grandfather, the King.

Apparently, though, this rests on their security, as the Prince fought and lost his case for the same level of protection that he enjoyed as a working royal.

He's clearly aware of how unpopular his family, and in particular Meghan is. And don't try and say it's because of her race. It's got nothing to do with that, Harry.

It's because of her and indeed your behaviour and your treatment of your own family. That's why you are both deeply unpopular in the UK.

Nana Akua

Nana Akua says Prince Harry is 'aware' of Meghan Markle's lack of popularity in the UK

GBN America

Take American Riviera Orchard or I like to call it ARO, another ridiculous offering. It took me all of a minute to come up with that one. I'm sure you can come up with your own version.

Meghan's new website, it's gone down like a cup of sick. Nobody's interested. I think even Meghan is questioning whether perhaps the timing of the launch was ill judged.

Don't get me wrong, she's good at being an influencer. The Tig was a great success, but the rumours swirling at the moment that she is concerned that the timing might make her look bad.

Hello? Hello? Earth calling Meghan - it looks really, really, really bad. The word for it is heartless. It looks heartless and cold. It's stuff like that people find unpalatable.

The website launching a few weeks before Catherine confirms her diagnosis was cancer, but well within the time frame where Meghan could have waited a bit, as we had already received the news of the King's diagnosis. But hey, ho! That's how they roll.

Meghan must be spitting feathers that Catherine is idolised even more. The Princess of Wales is possibly the most loved woman on the planet. Sorry Meghan.

I can't imagine that there are many left who have a shred of respect for the Duke and Duchess of Montecito, but the big question is, as Invictus celebrates its ten year anniversary in the UK, with Prince Harry set to arrive here for it, will he be flying solo?

Then, of course, there's Prince Andrew and Scoop. I say cut the man some slack, for God's sake. He has not been found guilty of anything.

Yes, I would say it was unwise for him to surround himself with dodgy people like convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, especially after the world knew what kind of a man he was.

But at this current moment, Andrew hasn't pleaded guilty or been found guilty of anything. Yes, he paid out a whole heap of cash, but you could argue part of that was to give his mum, the Queen, a quiet life.

As all this controversy came out during the Meghan Markle years and the Queen was ill. So in my humble opinion, I think he was trying to protect his mum from having to deal with yet more controversy and buying time.

Watch this space, as I don't think it's going away. But the Royal Family could do with more hands on deck.

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