The holy church of woke has captured the police, says Mark Dolan

The holy church of woke has captured the police, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan hits out at police double standards

Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 17/06/2024

- 12:48

Whoever thinks the so-called culture wars are trivial or even imaginary, think again

Whoever thinks the so-called culture wars are trivial or even imaginary, think again. First of all, what are the cultural wars? Well, it's an ongoing battle over the values of this country. Freedom of speech, the definition of a woman, the perception of our history, race relations, the importance of merit, hard work and self responsibility and much more besides.

There shouldn't be a battle over the values of this country, because they are permanent and are what define us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t change my values every 10 minutes. They were established in my childhood - by my family, friends and teachers - and further shaped by my life experience.

And over the years whilst I’ve changed my opinions about a few things – when presented with new evidence (where is the Brexit disaster?) - I haven’t changed my mind about what is fundamentally important.

The freedom to say and express what you think, without fear of the consequences. That merit should be above box ticking. That our society should be colourblind, not see race everywhere, which is - er - racist. That we should have equality of opportunity not equality of outcome. That we understand that men and women are different, and that women should keep their hard won sex based rights. Is it too much to ask for only women to compete against each other in women's sport or have their own toilets?

There shouldn't be a one-sided, damning interpretation of our history, given that we gave the world parliamentary democracy, the modern market economy and ended slavery.

And became the only empire in history, which remained close friends with its former territories, territories, that we chose - expensively - to abandon. Progressives who are stoking the culture wars, whilst at the same time telling you that they’re not happening - love to paint a picture of Britain as some kind of intolerant hellhole, worthy of Mississippi in the 1950s, when the truth is the UK is arguably the most tolerant, diverse, open and well integrated society in the world.

Police confirmed three arrests were made at a pro-Palestine protest

Police have clashed with pro-Palestine demonstrators


So there are forces at play, to eat away at the fundamental principles which define our very successful nation. These ideological thugs even talk down things like our economy, in the face of reality.

It gives me hilarious pleasure to tell you that the international monetary fund have projected the UK will be number two in the G7 for per capita economic growth over the next five years, beating Germany, France, Japan and Canada.

The forces at work to undermine this country and torch its values are in my view toxic, divisive, anti-scientific, mad, dangerous, ungodly and wrong. Enter stage left those geniuses at Avon and

Somerset police who appear to have ended all burglaries, sexual assaults, murder, cybercrime, fraud, muggings, gang warfare and antisocial behaviour.

Yesterday they proudly announced on Twitter that they have arrested and imprisoned a man for burning a pride flag in a park in Weston Super Mare. Well the police are having a Weston-super-Mare on this one. So far the tweet has been seen by 1.3 million people, with thousands of angry comments and just 289 likes. We call that death by ratio.

Dear the establishment, I hate to break it to you, but the public are not woke. This story was so comical I honestly had to double check that it was not a parody account. First of all it's not against the law to burn any flag – it's not a particularly elegant or charming thing to do – I wouldn’t do it, but you're entitled to nonetheless. So this needless arrest demonstrates just how ideologically captured public institutions like the Police have become. Civil servants are going round in these ridiculous rainbow lanyards, politicians are taking the knee to the latest woke cause, High Street Banks are selling trans ideology with ludicrous pronoun badges on their staff, and our cops are now arresting someone effectively for woke blasphemy.

And the double standards of the police are a sick joke, as they allow so-called peace protesters to indulge in a weekly festival of jew hate, calling for the wiping out of Israel and an intafada, which means suicide bombs on public transport and in crowded public spaces. No arrests made, but let’s lock up a man who’s worried about a mad new religion, which is drastically changing our society and which particularly threatens kids, women and gay people.

So for whoever wins this election, let me promise you, while the cost of living, crime, school places, defence and the NHS are of critical importance and concern to the public, the so-called culture wars are too.

Because they materially impact what it’s like to live in this country and what it means to be British. We faced a threat to our values in two world wars, and with the help of Winston Churchill and our like minded allies, we prevailed. We now face an ideological threat from within. The holy church of woke, which has captured public institutions that we pay for, like the police. And the last time I checked, I don't think anyone voted for that.

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