It’s time to bin the boffins. We’d be far better off with idiots in charge, says Mark Dolan

It’s time to bin the boffins. We’d be far better off with idiots in charge, says Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 12/05/2023

- 21:59

Updated: 12/05/2023

- 21:59

Those prize numpties at the Bank of England...

Those prize numpties at the Bank of England, who were asleep at the wheel during the pandemic, printing money and allowing inflation to get out of control, have now admitted they've got their predictions for the British economy completely wrong, changing their forecasts of a year-long recession, to the biggest growth upgrade in history.

We've had years of this from hardline intolerant Remainers like Alastair Campbell, who last night who disgraced himself with a pack of lies on national TV, including a claim that our economy has shrunk by 4 per cent, failing to point out that that highly contested figure was a projection, which like so many of the others, will doubtless be proved wrong.

In 2016, the likes of Campbell and the so-called “expert class” predicted that if Brexit happened, there would be a flight of capital, mass unemployment, a recession and a collapse in the housing market. Delightfully none of that came to pass.

The voices of doom, continually predicting the demise of Brexit Britain, are continually being proved wrong.

And it's worth remembering that the UK enjoyed the highest rate of growth in the G7 for the last two years. If this is what Brexit disaster looks like, bring it on.

What is so dangerous about this - in my view - politically motivated negativity around Britain, is that it's a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you keep talking a country down, then down it will go. The likes of the office for budget responsibility, the Bank of England, the OECD and the IMF – have been wrong more times than Dean Gaffney on Mastermind – why are we still listening to them?

If they had taken a more cautious or even dare I said optimistic view of the British economy, that would spark investment and business confidence.

Instead, they're happy to participate in the lie that Britain is on a path of long-term decline.

Well once again they're eating their words. Perhaps they should take off their Brexit blinkers.

I'm beginning to agree with Michael Gove – doesn't happen often – must be a leap year. I've had enough of experts.

Particularly after three years of a pandemic shambles, in which Covid modelling - predictions for the virus - were about as accurate as a Gary Barlow tax return. Could it be magic? No, just a dodgy accountant. Relight my Fire. I’ve got some receipts to burn.

But why did the poor covid predictions matter?

Because nonsense projections of half a million deaths from the virus – as suggested by the philandering prof Neil Ferguson – sent the government into a total panic, and shaped what would become the disastrous policy of lockdowns, imprisoning perfectly healthy people in their homes, for a virus non-fatal to most.

It was junk modelling which saw this Chinese communist party inspired policy of lockdown rolled out three times, at a cost of a half a trillion of printed money and a policy which has led to a poorer, angry, and sicker population, with a wrecked economy, damaged kids and NHS, waiting list of 7 million people.

Worth noting that the excess deaths are currently through the roof – as figure they were obsessed with during the pandemic, but now that it's not Covid, they don't care.

The expert class being so wrong about so much, has good historic president, including the disastrous plan to shift everyone onto low-fat diets in the 1970s and 80s. Getting people off red meat, eggs, butter, cheese and cream the food your grandma ate, when everyone was THIN - to be replaced with bagels, sweetened yoghurt and myriad other horrific processed carbohydrates. Grandma was right all along.

I should start a campaign to bring back lard. Delicious.

This huge dietary shift – led by so-called experts, but many in the pockets of both the pharmaceutical and food industry – has supercharged the obesity crisis and made us sicker than ever.

“Science”, like “expert” has become another four letter word in recent times, with the ridiculous idea that the science was settled on Covid – it wasn't.

It's just that detractors were silenced. Or that the science is settled on global warming. It isn't.

But it's this elite class of so-called experts, fuelled at times by their compromised or even corrupt evidence, who are having such an impact on our country, on our lives and our future.

The dozy Bank of England are in part responsible for the extent of inflation that we are now suffering and for the billions that were printed.

SAGE are responsible for the enormous damage caused by what in my view was a failed attempt to stop the virus – remember “follow the science” as they covered our faces in those worthless, pathetic masks?

Nutritionists and doctors have presided over an explosion in obesity and type two diabetes, by demonising animal protein and saturated fat, and getting us all onto carbs and sugar.

And it's now experts that are likely going to lead us into a dystopian meat free hell, with rationed air travel, freezing homes, no car and one cup of tea a day, all in pursuit of net zero.

With no debate, no discussion and certainly no vote. Exactly like the pandemic. The experts have proved themselves to be anything but. They are illiberal, undemocratic, and all too often – just plain wrong. It’s time to bin the boffins. We’d be far better off with idiots in charge.

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