Eco fanatics are over the top, deluded, mad and often wrong, says Mark Dolan

Eco fanatics are over the top, deluded, mad and often wrong, says Mark Dolan

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 19/04/2024

- 21:16

They have cried wolf too many times, and all they've got now is hot air

If you thought the biggest problem facing the country was illegal immigration and ongoing cost of living crisis, a broken NHS, sky high taxes or a bloated and inefficient public sector, Think again.

It's those dreadful smokers you've got to worry about.

That's right. Whose taxes pay for our beleaguered public services.

This hasn't stopped born again socialist Rishi Sunak wasting parliamentary time and annoying half his own party with a very unconservative and probably unenforceable smoking ban on people born after 2009.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan has hit out at Sunak's proposed smoking ban


So when these youngsters reach adulthood, they'll be co-opting people in their 90s to pop into the newsagents to buy them 20 Benson and Hedges.

Is it any wonder that Rishi Sunak's premiership is going up in smoke at the fag end of 14 years?

Things couldn't be worse for the beleaguered PM, with yet another sorry tale of a Tory MP caught up in a compromising position. Last week. It was William Wragg, Big Willie, to his friends, who inexplicably handed out phone numbers of his Tory colleagues after he was caught sending presumably saucy pictures of himself to a blackmailer.

Now, whilst focus should be on Angela Rayner's car crash in slow motion, where did I live ten years ago drama, enter stage left another conservative backbencher, the Lancashire MP Mark Menzies, who, according to The Times newspaper, allegedly called an assistant in the middle of the night demanding thousands of pounds in what was called a matter of life and death to pay off bad people.

Who are these bad people? Other Tory backbenchers?

He was even allegedly locked in a flat, presumably one of the flats that we pay for.


Sunak has announced plans to ban smoking


It's also alleged that £14,000 given by donors for campaign activities was transferred to Menzies' accounts for medical expenses.

What are those medical expenses? Was it a kidney transplant, back surgery? Bum lift? Menzies denies the charges and he's now lost the Tory whip. That sounds like an early punishment. I imagine he quite likes the whip.

Let's give this poor bloke the benefit of the doubt, shall we? But it all has echoes of John Major's sleaze ridden administration in 1997.

Now. Climate alarmists got very excited to see Dubai flooded with rain this week, with wild scenes of hotels and shopping centres knee deep in water in what is basically normally an Arabian desert.

Even aeroplanes struggled to navigate the runway, such were the levels of flooding.

Of course, predictably, this news was met with excitement and glee by net zero fanatics who will stop at nothing to stir up hysteria around climate change, except that some have been speculating that the Dubai authorities.

That's right. The Dubai authorities have been indulging in something called cloud seeding, where they essentially plant rain into the clouds in order to bring moisture to this arid landscape.

Now, if that's true, it's probably best to leave nature to its own devices. The same could be said for a certain virus laboratory in Wuhan. Meanwhile, the climate cult will continue to seize on any unusual weather to prove that the world's going to have blown up by next Tuesday.

The fact that we're all sat here shivering in April doesn't really help the climate change course, does it?

Yes, the earth is heating up. And yes, we should clean up the planet and go green in a sensible way with the likes of China pulling their weight. But these eco fanatics are over the top, deluded, mad and often wrong. They have cried wolf too many times, and all they've got now is hot air.

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