The BBC’s output is suffused with woke ideology and you’re paying for it, says Mark Dolan

The BBC’s output is suffused with woke ideology and you’re paying for it, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan hits out at the BBC

Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 26/02/2024

- 08:40

Tim Davie told staff the corporation should be 'proud to be progressive'

Hiding in plain sight, the director general of the BBC, Tim Davie, told staff the corporation should be “proud to be progressive”.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper have got their hands on a recording of the BBC boss saying the BBC walk a joyous tightrope of the culture wars and said being progressive was something staff should be proud of.

This won't surprise viewers and listeners of the BBC, whose output is suffused with woke ideology, whether it's Doctor Who with its finger wagging, politically correct storylines, perceived centre-left bias in its news output and the views of its highest paid star, Gary Lineker, who is probably the wokest man in Britain, with his luxury beliefs on illegal immigration and climate change ,the real world consequences of which he is nicely insulated.

The BBC may be a national organisation, but it is steeped in the north London progressive group think which says Brexit is terrible, Britain's history is shameful, patriotism is embarrassing – remember those breakfast show presenters laughing at a politician sat next to Union Jack flag?

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan has hit out at the woke BBC


It’s an organisation that tried to scrap land of Hope and Glory from last night of the Proms, and flogged a bit of trans ideology with a female nurse preparing for a double mastectomy to become a boy in an episode of Casualty.

EastEnders was used during the pandemic to flog vaccinations, which may have saved lives, but one of the characters expressing some concerns about the vaccine, and daring to decide whether or not he would have the jab, suffered a pile on from other characters, in what felt like North Korean style state propaganda.

And in the wake of Steve Wright's sad passing, we've seen the BBC's war on older talent that appear to be seen by bosses as male, pale and stale.

That's the only conclusion you can make, following the relegation of Wright to a weekend show on Radio Two and the departure of Ken Bruce, whose great crime was the achievement of the most listened to radio show in Europe.

He didn't tick any progressive boxes though did he, Ken Bruce, which is, one suspects, why he's gone.

The BBC risks the accusation of being institutionally woke, and now we have it in black-and-white, from their leader. Don’t take my word for it – A poll has found that working class viewers are turning off the BBC because they find it too 'woke.'

Nihal ArthanayakeNihal Arthanayake PA

The policy research business Public First found that a perception of political correctness in BBC News' coverage means a 'significant minority' of working class viewers are going elsewhere.

This is bad news for the BBC, which I want to survive, and I want to thrive. I love the BBC, I just want it to be politically and culturally neutral and for everyone.

With an extraordinary brass neck, a spokesperson from the BBC told the Telegraph that the director-general meant progressive in relation to areas like market lea technological change and that any other interpretation is wrong.

Bloody hell, this is gaslighting in the extreme.

Market led technological change? Where did they get that from.

Do they really think we're that stupid? Davies’ comments were clearly based around the theme of political balance, as per the rest of his remarks.

And his answer was a response to a question about whether the BBC needs to be less woke.

To which he says being progressive and diverse is something they should be proud of. Well, let me tell you I’m a bit woke myself.

Tim Davie

Mark Dolan has criticised Tim Davie


I’m a great believer in diversity – of thought, of opinion, of background, of culture, of race.

Bring it on. Diversity with a small d is something most people would support. What they don't support is needless top box ticking, and the elimination of talent – both in front of the camera and behind it, based upon immutable characterics like their race.

Tim Davie says the BBC is proud to be progressive – would that include the BBC Radio 5 live presenter Nihal Arthanayake, who declared proudly that working with a team that is predominantly white was bad for his mental health.

He said “it's really affecting me that I walk in and all I see is white people”. Crumbs – is judging people on skin colour not racist?

Did Nihal Arthanayake not face censure, or punishment, did they have a firm word? Was he fired?

Of course not, because it is progressive and yes, woke, to see everything through the narrow prism of race, even if it means that what you're saying is categorically and undeniably racist in itself.

How so? Can you imagine if a white presenter said that it affects their mental health working with people of colour? The P45 would be headed their way before they finished the sentence. And rightly so. Welcome to the progressive BBC.

And I'm so glad that the boss Tim Davie has now admitted it. What sticks in the craw is that you're paying for this.

For a narrow set of politically correct, and often radical ideas, which the politics professor Matthew Goodwin suggests is shared by little more than 10 per cent of the population.

Which means that in time, the 90 per cent will find somewhere else to watch their TV, and listen to their radio. A good place to start would be this show, Mark Dolan Tonight. It’s balanced, it’s fair and most importantly, it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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