Laurence Fox asks if the trans sport ban is 'the beginning of the swing back to common sense?'

Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox

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Laurence Fox

By Laurence Fox

Published: 24/03/2023

- 19:22

As the shadows begin to lengthen and we head into the autumn of western hegemony, it often seems that democracy is rather rapidly falling apart.

One of the drawbacks to a democracy is that once mankind has been freed to pursue his own ambitions and goals within the meritocratic system and the dice have fallen where they will, there will no doubt be some that come out the other side better off than others.

Society tries to mitigate the inevitable inequality caused by some folks being taller, faster, smarter or stronger than others via a commitment to charity, philanthropy and - perhaps most importantly - equality of opportunity.

A mutual commitment to give everyone a decent swing of the bat in life and to remove as many obstacles as possible in order to maximise human flourishing. It is by no means a perfect system, but as Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms that have been tried.”

And now, as the shadows begin to lengthen and we head into the autumn of western hegemony, it often seems that democracy is rather rapidly falling apart, as humans begin to obsess about the strangest of topics.

The affluent and leisured sofa dwelling screen addicted citizens of 2023, sozzled on righteous dopamine hits from our digital crack pipes have run short of wrongs to right and inequality to stamp out. So instead we take lazy turn towards something altogether more spooky. Radical Equality.

The capitalist’s socialism if you will. Where affluent citizens, unencumbered by trifling matters like ensuring they have food and shelter, look guiltily around them for a way to improve everyone else’s human flourishing, whether they like it or not.

This has been the cause of so many of the recent cultural conundrums we are facing and could sound the death knell to this current iteration of democracy.

Its main manifestation is in what is broadly referred to as “wokery” - an insidious equity cult which demands that the traditional hierarchical system based on socio economic structures, be replaced by ethnic and sexual grievance hierarchies instead.

Society is no longer about the “haves” and the “have nots,” as most people in the affluent west have quite a lot, relatively speaking, it is now about the oppressor and the oppressed and power and control. Our new roles are decided arbitrarily according to this grievance hierarchy with straight white men at the top and blind, disabled trans lesbians of colour at the bottom.

The mission of the woke is to drag the straight white male - whether he lives in a palace or in poverty - down to the level of our wheelchair bound trans lesbian of colour.

It is highly narcissistic, It lacks optimism, is a bureaucratic nightmare - see all the Diversity, equity and inclusion “non jobbers” who populate the work place nowadays - and creates enormous division.

Nowhere has this been more obvious to see than in the trans debate. Be it the horrendous chemical castration and mutilation of children - incapable of comprehending the magnitude of the consequences of undergoing irreversible medical mutilation - or private spaces for women to go about their intimate business, to public spaces, where men - usually mediocre men - swap sides, and go head to head against less physically capable women in female sport.

This comprehensively ridiculous debate rather hearteningly came to a head yesterday when it was announced that “so called” trans women are to be banned from competitive sport against actual ones.

The ever more devious and pernicious Stonewall - whose posters adorn so many public sector buildings, and whose ideology fills so many public sector minds - were quick to cry “Transphobia” and falsely stated that so called trans people were being removed from sport. Not true.

They can compete against those from their biological sex, as is right and fair and astonishing. It has taken so long for society to embrace some common sense, which has been noticeably uncommon these past years.

Why has it taken so long for us to apply rationality to this issue? Could it be the relentless shutting down of debate by playing the “phobia” card? “Phobia” as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary is the “irrational fear, dislike or antipathy” of something.

It’s a mighty allegation, used by the BBC above others - admittedly with “islamo” often before it - to quell any righteous anger about uncontrolled immigration, rape gangs in northern cities, or bombs going off at kids concerts. Doesn’t seem too “irrational” to me. No one likes to be called “phobic” with all the kerfuffle that allegation brings, and hence mouths remained shut and women are deprived of their virginity and their rightful places on podiums. Countless lives and careers destroyed by the suppression of free expression.

Could this trans sport ban be the beginning of the swing back to common sense? that those who hold their heads in ever growing despair at the state of things are so hopeful will surely come? Is the madness of the trans sport debacle a signal flare that people are waking up to the egregious misogyny of this movement, and all the harms, both physical and emotional that it brings with it? Perhaps it is too early to tell, but this relentless “woke” juggernaut, so ingrained in all our institutions can be stopped.

The World Athletics Association, and the brave women and men who campaign for fairness over equity have shown us that all we need to do - but do it we must - is stand up, use our unique and valuable voices to end this devious charade. After all, as the story goes, it only took one small child to stand out from the crowd and say “The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.”

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