Joe Biden leaves the special relationship hanging by a thread, says Dan Wootton

Dan Wootton hits out at Joe Biden

The special relationship is in jeopardy, says Dan Wootton

GB News
Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 12/04/2023

- 21:12

Updated: 12/04/2023

- 21:14

We've got an avowed anti-British President in the White House...

For all the British folk who loudly celebrated the demise of Donald Trump, how do you feel now we've got an avowed anti-British President in the White House?

If anyone was in any doubt that doddery dimwit Joe Biden has a deep hatred of the United Kingdom – especially the English and the Royal Family – then today just proved it.

First, there was the petty.

US officials ensured the position of Biden’s beast vehicle meant TV cameras were blocked from showing Rishi Sunak greeting the President as he touched down in Belfast, for his 15-hour visit, of which he would spend half of the time sleeping.

When Biden finally did speak, there were few kind words about the special relationship with the UK, but, as ever, a lot of chat about his Irish roots...

No wonder the former First Minister of Northern Ireland Dame Arlene Foster made headlines around the world during her interview with me here last night, where she said Biden simply hates the UK…

The White House was forced to respond to our interview this morning, via a national security spokesperson, but the response was far from convincing

Biden made his feelings about the UK clear early on in his presidential bid…

But Biden’s Britain-hating goes far deeper.

His 2008 autobiography Promises to Keep revealed his relatives held onto ‘Irish grudges’.

Biden’s Aunt Gertie once telling him: ‘You’re father’s not a bad man. He’s just English.’

And in 1982, before meeting the late Queen for the first time, his mother Jean Biden gave him only one piece of advice: ‘Don’t you bow down to her.’

"If you're wearing orange you're not welcome here.’

So Biden’s happy now. He’s back home in Ireland, with his disgraced son Hunter Biden along for the ride.

He leaves the special relationship hanging by a thread.

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