If we yield to wokeism, we will be left with nothing at all, Marx my words, communism is back, we have to defeat it again, says Mark Dolan

If we yield to wokeism, we will be left with nothing at all, Marx my words, communism is back, we have to defeat it again, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 29/07/2022

- 21:22

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:47

Communism, is knocking on our door, if we carry on at this rate, it will break it down.

In case you hadn't noticed, communism, is knocking on our door. And if we carry on at this rate, it will break it down. Whilst the pandemic, disgracefully saw the West, sacrificing it's liberal principles, by introducing Chinese-style lockdowns, to stop Covid, a policy, which in my view spectacularly failed, it added, insult to injury, by using establishment media outlets and high profile scientists and medics, to crush debate around Covid measures.

And anyone, that didn't follow the narrative, whether it was on masks, lockdowns or vaccines was demonised as a bad person. There are all techniques, adopted by totalitarian regimes. Control the narrative, control the media message and get ordinary citizens, to police each other's thinking.

Remember during the pandemic, when neighbours were grassing each other up, for going out more, than once a day? The old curtain twitchers. That’s something the Stasi, or chairman Mao, would have looked upon proudly.

The principle that a state directive is for the common good, was established during the pandemic, and is the ultimate weapon of tyranny, which will continue to be used, in relation to other so-called emergencies, including heatwaves, energy crises and climate change.

What is shocking, is not that the outdated and perpetually discredited ideology of communism, is still knocking about. It's the way that the so-called democratic West, has allowed it to encroach upon our lives, as hard left woke ideology infects our institutions, corporations and the media. The behavioural scientist Susan Michie,

Nicknamed Stalin’s nanny, an adviser to Sage, has helped deploy the dark arts of public manipulation, has shaped and, in my view, ultimately damaged our society, with the peddling of masking, lockdowns AND self isolation.

These are all deeply illiberal policies, not remotely in the spirit of free, democratic societies, which were championed by the likes of Michie, but which have left us, with a poorer, sicker, angrier and diminished society.

The push for communism is a global one. If you think I'm exaggerating, the aforementioned Michie has been promoted to a new position, of chair of the behavioural advisory group, at the world health organisation, which I like to call the world hell organisation.

Meanwhile the WHO are seeking to create an international treaty, in which this unelected cabal, which admires China, turned a blind eye to President Xi’s covid cover up and praised China’s pandemic policies, will seek the powers, to lock us down and mask us whenever they fancy, irrespective of the views of national governments.

So much for sovereignty eh? And in fact mild communism, has been government policy since March 2020. Paying healthy people to stay at home and do nothing, and smashing our economy against a brick wall and closing once viable businesses, isn’t very Western is it? And capitalism, it ain’t. The state being responsible not just for your health, but even your income, set a dangerous new precedent, with siren voices from the hard left, now calling for inflation busting pay rises, across the whole of the public sector, which risks Venezuelan, levels of inflation and Greek levels of debt.

And as with all Communist regimes the truth is the first casualty – we are seeing it in Britain. Communist style woke ideology, ignores the basic facts of human biology, by declaring that men are women and women are men. Thank god the wretched tavistock centre which has been chopping organs off youngsters and blocking

their puberty with medication, is to be closed down. Here’s what my new political hero Kemi Badenoch had to say about the decision.I can’t state enough how profound this decision is. There’s lots I can say now I’m no longer equalities minister -personal testimonies heard of destroyed childhoods, protecting whistleblowing clinicians from endless harassment by twitter activists

The basic laws of economics have been assaulted, with the idea that printing trillions of pounds worth of empty money, won't be inflationary and will do no harm. And whilst the vaccine is great for the vulnerable, it’s only this bizarre collectivist mindset that requires kids and healthy youngsters to have the jab.

With a degree of risk from the jab, but scarce threat from the virus to youngsters, whatever happened to “first do no harm”. It went out, after the hellish marriage, of big state and big pharma. Communism is a hateful regime which seeks division at every turn.

Divide and conquer and all that. Well we're seeing it with ideas like critical race theory, which is a contested view that the colour of your skin marks you out as inherently prejudicial. It’s a controversial idea currently being peddled in our civil service. Take a look at this

Civil servants told about white privilege and that Britain is racist in woke training video. White officials should never contradict people from ethnic minorities.

Pretty patronising to people of colour that isn’t it, and arguably racist, in so many different ways, towards everyone. Racism is the most evil stain on humanity, but the only answer is for us to come together; to reaffirm that we are all Brits, we are all human beings, we are all precious and we are all brothers and sisters, in the eyes of God. Whoever your god may be. But when it comes to the church of woke, don’t let the facts, get in the way of a good story.

New data. Doesn't fit the narrative ... Progression rate into British unis by ethnic group Chinese 81% Asian 65.7% Black 62.1% Mixed 48.1% White 39.7% White kids on free school meals the least likely of all, to go to uni. Just 13.6% do

We must tackle poverty and inequality, and lift everyone up, as one community. But this new wave of communism hates all that – it hates the flag, it hates nationhood, it hates family, it hates history, it hates unity. Its only currency, is division.

It’s a very communist idea to rewrite history, which we are now doing with Britain, a country which exported liberal ideas, democracy, free speech and free enterprise.

Oh and after century after century of slavery, we were the first global power, to bring it to an end. But this new variant of communism, is infiltrating our institutions, including schools and universities, who would have you believe Britain's a dreadful country, with a shameful history. Well shame on them.

The RMT union are said to be seeking a general strike, in which all of our industries down tools ,supposedly to improve the lot of workers. But what will it really do? It will bring down the government, perhaps something they want. But it will be something more than that. It will be step one, in dismantling our capitalist system, one which has seen unprecedented prosperity, and has lifted billions out of poverty globally.

Since the economic horror show of the 1970s, Britain has become the fifth biggest economy in the world; that wasn't achieved by communism. It was achieved by capitalism, which is now a four letter word. What our country stands for is under attack. It's the collective over the individual, it's the state over families, it's the ideology over science, wisdom, experience and common sense. So-called wokeism is a cult – they are a bunch of utter cults.

Woke ideology sees five-year-olds coming home from primary school, asking their parents if they're racist, and which thinks it’s ok for grown men, packing a full meat and two veg, to race past women in the swimming pool or break their neck in a rugby field. Are we going to wait, for the first life changing injury or death of a biological female, at the hands of a trans woman in sport? This new wave of communism, communism 2.0, is the virus we can stop and must stop. And we do it by falling back on the values, that make this country great. Reason, argument, free speech, fairness, tolerance, freedom, democracy, individualism and basic human decency and dignity.

The extreme woke left, that millions of labour supporters hate too, loathe this country, and are seeking to destroy everything it stands for.

If we yield to wokeism, which is communism in all but name, if we yield to the hard left, we will be left, with nothing at all. Marx my words, communism is back, and we have to defeat it all over again.

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