Freedom Day delay damaging mental health and vaccine trust, says Liverpool nightclub owner

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Charlie Bayliss

By Charlie Bayliss

Published: 15/06/2021

- 05:53

Updated: 15/06/2021

- 06:50

Liverpool nightclub owner John Hughes said he fears

Trust in Boris Johnson and his government is "through the floor" after the delay to lockdown easing in England, a nightclub owner in Liverpool told GB News.

John Hughes, a representative for nightlife in the city, added he knew of young people rejecting their offers for Covid jabs because of a breakdown in trust in the government.

Speaking about the delay to lockdown easing, Mr Hughes said: "It's a massive blow for everyone in the country. In Liverpool, we've lost so many dates in the past year. These are key earners which keep people in business.

"At the moment, people are being told not to come into Liverpool because of this variant. We feel a bit let down, its stopping people coming in.

"The trust is really going now with everyone in Liverpool. We feel like we're pawns being played."

Mr Hughes said he was concerned about the effects the continuation of lockdown could have on people's mental health.

"As a business owner, you're trying to be positive and book events and acts in," he said. "I came home last night and she was crying because her 21st was booked for July.

"We'll try and stay as positive as we can but I worry about suicide rates going through the roof."

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