Farage is now MORE trusted to deal with immigration than Sunak - poll shows EXACTLY why Tories are terrified, Michael Heaver says

Conservative voters now trust Nigel Farage more than Rishi Sunak, new research shows.

Conservative voters now trust Nigel Farage more than Rishi Sunak, new research shows.

Image: GB News
Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 18/01/2024

- 11:10

Updated: 18/01/2024

- 11:22

In this GB News members-only article, Community Editor Michael Heaver analyses the latest bombshell figures

Rishi Sunak's allies will be hoping that his Rwanda Bill delivers and that the government will be able to earn back the trust of voters they need onside to win the next election.

But the challenge ahead for the Conservative Government has been revealed by dramatic new YouGov research that shows fewer than a fifth of voters have faith in the PM on the issue of immigration.

On January 16-17, YouGov asked the British public: "How much, if at all, would you trust each of the following to deal with the issue of immigration?"

The results are another clear warning to those in Westminster, with Nigel Farage now more trusted than either the Conservative or Labour Leaders.

Overall, 19 per cent of voters trust Sunak to deal with the issue of immigration, with Keir Starmer more trusted on 26 per cent. 11 per cent say they trust Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey, the same percentage who trust Reform UK Leader Richard Tice.

Meanwhile however 28 per cent of voters overall trust Nigel Farage on the issue of immigration, a higher percentage than any of those party leaders.

It delivers even more bruising for Sunak however. Even amongst only Conservative voters, just 35 per cent trust the Prime Minister on this.

That's despite Sunak having set out the case this week in favour of his Rwanda Bill.

Meanwhile a majority (54 per cent) of Tory voters say that trust Nigel Farage. In other words, Conservative voters trust Farage more than Sunak when it comes to tackling this key issue.

When it comes to Leave voters, just 24 per cent trust Sunak compared to another majority (52 per cent) who trust Farage.

These are devastating figures that will once more underline how vulnerable the Tories are, especially on this issue.

It's figures like these that make so many in Westminster nervous about Nigel Farage potentially returning to frontline politics - and even standing for Parliament.

And it underlines the struggle Sunak is having to stamp his authority on the Tory Party.

Just 35 per cent of Tory voters, trust the Prime Minister in this survey, a weak showing compared to the 49% of Labour voters who have faith in Starmer.

If the government don't manage to stop the boats, the figures could get even more dire for Rishi Sunak. Whilst Nigel Farage's next moves will be watched closely.

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