Does Nigel Farage have a suicide wish for Britain? - Sally-Ann Hart

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
Sally-Ann Hart

By Sally-Ann Hart

Published: 06/06/2024

- 09:36

Sally-Ann Hart is a Tory candidate in the 2024 Election

Does Nigel Farage have a suicide wish for Great Britain? I was gobsmacked at Nigel Farage’s announcement that he will be standing as a Parliamentary Candidate for the Reform Party in Clacton and is now leader of Reform.

A Tory at heart, why would he want to risk all that we have fought for and been through for the past few years – Brexit, Covid, and wars in Ukraine and the Middle East which have had profound social and economic impact - by trying to destroy the Conservative Party?

He says that he does not care less about the Conservative Party because he is convinced that we have lost. I wholeheartedly disagree with him, but by doing what he has done, he makes a win for us all the more difficult

Nigel Farage may hate the Tories, but does he hate the British public that much that he would risk Labour running the country just at a point when we so desperately need solid Conservative policies over the next few years to keep this country on track, secure our economic recovery, stop the boats and reduce legal migration, and stand up for British values and common-sense politics?

As a populist politician, Nigel Farage is no Boris Johnson. Despite BoJo’s faults, he loves Britain and the British people and would never risk throwing Britain and the British people at the mercy of Labour wolves.

As a Common Sense Conservative, I stand for what normal people believe in - family, community, country, freedom of speech. Over the past nearly five years, we have been through the worst national and global social and economic disruption since the Second World War.

The Covid pandemic not only cost this country a humungous amount of money, but it also cost us lives and social equilibrium. What I find so scary is how quickly so many of the British public became dependent on the state and how difficult it is to wean so many off it.

Does Mr Farage really believe Labour in government will embed the progress and will bring in the changes we need going forward in terms of policies that Conservative and Reform voters are crying out for? Nigel Farage is being disingenuous with sensible, patriotic British people.

He cannot win enough seats to run the country and deliver the polices that we so badly need over the next few years. I work so hard for my residents and businesses in Hastings and Rye - by damning us hard working MPs, he risks it all.

Labour will not be in for one term to allow Nigel Farage time to regroup right-wing politics.

This must happen right now. Labour will be in for a long time; it will open votes up to children, EU nationals and maybe even all the 100,000 illegal immigrants it wants to welcome from the EU.

As one candidate to another, and as people who both admire the values of Margaret Thatcher, I ask you directly, Nigel Farage: Do you really want a Labour Prime Minister in Downing Street?

If you and Reform truly care about right wing policies, the British public, and the future of Britain, if you truly believe in making the most of Brexit and delivering tangible benefits, then you must back Conservative candidates in this election. Nigel, the choice is yours – stand with us, or risk undoing everything we have fought so hard to achieve.

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