King Charles should withdraw Harry’s invitation from the Coronation, says Dan Wootton

King Charles should withdraw Harry’s invitation from the Coronation, says Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 26/04/2023

- 21:59

Updated: 27/04/2023

- 07:08

Make it clear his woke brand of treachery will not be consistently rewarded...

If you had any doubt about my contention that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on a mission to overshadow the Coronation as part of their deranged campaign to bring down the Royal Family, then the extraordinary developments in the High Court over the past 24 hours prove the case.

With just ten days before the biggest day in the life of King Charles and one of the most significant in the recent history of the British monarchy, the Duke of Delusion unleashed a series of twisted grenades against his own flesh and blood.

The courtroom revelations about both the king and Prince William dash any hope of family reconciliation or peace next weekend.

But most shamefully they ensure that the crowning of King Charles the third will be mired in the murky and mucky campaigns of Harry and Meghan, who both claimed they quit the country to start a happy new life but are obsessed with bitterly dragging up the past.

But Harry’s witness statement instead fires shots at his own family, which made the front page of both The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian today.

Like any paranoid egomaniac, he claims his own reputation was once again sacrificed to improve the image of his “dangerous” stepmother, who will be crowned as Queen next Saturday.

Harry writes of his father and Camilla…

“They had a specific long-term strategy to keep the media, including NGN, onside in order to smooth the way for my stepmother (and father) to be accepted by the British public as queen consort, and king respectively, when the time came … anything that might upset the applecart in this regard, including the suggestion of resolution of our phone-hacking claims, was to be avoided at all costs.”

Once again, he paints his granny the Queen as some sort of hapless bystander who was overruled by her courtiers and Charles, moaning...

“I was summoned to Buckingham Palace and specifically told to drop the legal actions because they have an ‘effect on all the family’.” He added this was “a direct request (or rather demand) from my father” and senior royal aides.”

And he reveals, without permission, details of a private big money settlement of one millions pounds, according to the Daily Telegraph, between NGN and Prince William, without also revealing that the large sum is believed to have been donated to charity and the fact that without Wills the whole phone hacking scandal may never have been revealed in the first place.

Harry writes…

“My brother appeared to know an awful lot more than I did on the subject of phone hacking although he did not tell me if that was the case. However, NGN still settled his claim for a huge sum of money in 2020…and seemingly with some favourable deal in return for him going ‘quietly’ so to speak.”

It was Meghan who this week blamed royal correspondents for creating a “circus” around the couple, which is now the most hypocritical comment I’ve ever heard.

But the ringmasters of this circus are the Duke and Duchess.

Harry is now using a futile court case based on a personal vendetta less than two weeks before the Coronation to cause maximum damage.

King Charles needs to wise up that this is never going to stop.

I know it’s late in the day, but he should withdraw Harry’s invitation from the Coronation to make it clear his woke brand of treachery will not be consistently rewarded.

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