Dan Wootton: It's RIGHT for Boris Johnson to slash the biased BBC which wants him out of a job

Dan Wootton: It's RIGHT for Boris Johnson to slash the biased BBC which wants him out of a job
Dan Wootton Mono 17jan
Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 17/01/2022

- 21:18

Folk overseas can’t believe such an antiquated system exists.

I don’t care why Boris Johnson has finally decided to press the button and clip the wings of the BBC permanently.

Perhaps it’s part of the so-called Operation Save the Big Dog – or Operation Red Meat, depending on who you believe – to keep the big man in Number 10 Downing Street by returning to the policies for which he was elected.

Or perhaps Boris and his cronies have finally worked out the Beeb’s bias iS infused in virtually every decision they make, including their rabid coverage these past two weeks, designed to force him out as Prime Minister.

Now, I am not saying for a single second that Boris shouldn’t be held to account for the egregious and outrageous rule breaking going on at Number 10 Downing Street, as they forced all of us to cower in our homes in fear for weeks on end.

But to suggest the BBC’s coverage has been balanced is like saying Emily Maitlis and Lewis Goodall aren’t leftie opinion columnists masquerading as impartial reporters.

And that is the fundamental issue with the BBC licence fee, which must be abolished.

I don’t want to pay a penny to help support a once-great organisation that has become increasingly institutionally biased over the past five years.

They completely missed the majority support for Brexit – and then spent two years doing all they could to undermine the result of the biggest democratic mandate in British history.

Then it happened all over again with the Boris Tories demolition of Labour’s red wall, when they were realistically pondering the prospect of Corbyn as PM.

And over the pandemic the Beeb’s coverage has been nothing short of a disgrace.

The corporation’s credibility has been shot and we won’t forget it.

It’s also a BBC that now hates Britain and is the opposite of patriotic, as we saw with the decision to axe Land of Hope and Glory from the Proms and this open mocking at the Union Jack from two of its highest profile presenters.

And, despite massive demand, the BBC has refused to play the national anthem each day to close its programming on BBC1.

After we discussed the issue on the show last week, there was overwhelming demand from our brilliant viewers for us to pick up the mantle. So I’m delighted that from tomorrow morning GB News will play God Save the Queen at 5.59am every day to launch our live programming.

It’s about time Boris saw sense on what the BBC is really about these days.

He loved the fact the Beeb has been a virtual propaganda arm throughout the two years of the pandemic, amplifying the government’s scare campaign with terrifying results and banning virtually any guest who goes against the Covid orthodoxy.

But now the corporation, piggybacking on other people’s journalism, is targeting his very political life, he’s finally prepared to push the button.

A two-year licence fee freeze being proposed by the anti-Beeb new Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries should just be the start.

I believe the BBC poll tax must end altogether.

It’s actually insane that we are forced to pay £159 to the BBC, even if we don’t want to consume any BBC services but do want to watch private TV stations like GB News, for example.

Folk overseas can’t believe such an antiquated system exists.

And young people simply won’t put up with it. The chord cutter generation has already said hell no to such a model, given they’re used to watching TV over YouTube or by paying a small fee each month to companies like Netflix or Amazon.

Last night, BBC presenters – including the news host Dan Walker and its sickeningly over paid sports autocue reader Gary Lineker – were on a fully fledged campaign to go against the government and save the BBC licence fee.

What I don’t get is that if BBC staffers are so confident about how brilliant their content and services are, as they always say they are, then let people pay for it.

A subscription model would allow them to charge whatever they want and test if there really is a demand for what they provide.

It would also make the BBC accountable to the people, rather than the quinoa and champagne quaffing London liberal media elite who currently make all the decisions.

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