Britain is there for the taking and our asylum policy is being exploited by human traffickers, says Patrick Christys

Britain is there for the taking and our asylum policy is being exploited by human traffickers, says Patrick Christys
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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 24/08/2022

- 16:59

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:43

Many of the people who like to virtue signal about "refugees welcome" and call anyone who wants tougher border controls a racist are dangerous, hypocritical fantasists

Britain's failure to get to grips with what is happening in the Channel is a disgrace.

The bleeding-heart liberal brigade might think they’re being kind, loving and morally good by saying we should let any Tom, Dick and Harry in across the Channel but they are actually helping to send this country to the dogs.

They are propping up violent crime, organised gangs, costing the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds, contributing to the housing crisis and putting our national security at risk.

Just before I came on air the news broke that the number of people crossing the English Channel in small boats has topped 23,000 for the year. 500 migrants have arrived so far today, and Monday was a record day with 1,295 lucky people setting foot on our South Coast.

Estimates indicate that around 60% of those are Albanian. That’s the same Albania that hasn’t seen a conflict for more than 25 years, is a NATO ally and wants to join the European Union.

So if they’re not fleeing war or persecution, and they arrive here on a dinghy what does that make them? In my book that makes them illegal economic migrants.

Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys
GB News

In fact, all too often, they become doubly illegal – they get here illegally and then some engage in illegal activity when they get off the boat – An Albanian immigration source admitted that many of the new arrivals join organised drug gangs so they can pay off the £5,000 they paid to people smugglers…who are reportedly predominantly Albanian as well.

In fact, some of them don’t even wait to get involved in the black market before they commit a crime – Lucy Moreton, who represents Border Force Staff, said in the last week two staff have been attacked and three have even been bitten. Yes, bitten.

Does anybody else find the sheer number of young, single men coming across the Channel absolutely remarkable? The Home Office revealed around 90 percent of arrivals in 2021 were male.

Isn’t this strange – have a look at what’s happening in Ukraine at the moment. A real war. It’s the women and children who are fleeing, the men are staying.

I spoke to a former SAS soldier on Monday who has just got back from Ukraine, he told me there are entire towns where it’s only men, preparing to defend their country.

Presumably if you go to Albania the opposite is true – it’s just town after town of women waving pitchforks and handguns at an imaginary enemy.

I’m sick and tired of being gaslit be a liberal mob who are telling us that everybody coming over the Channel is a refugee or asylum seeker and that if you don’t believe that then you’re a racist.

No, I’ve had enough of it. Facts are facts. The fact is that Britain is there for the taking, our asylum policy is being exploited by human traffickers who are importing thousands of economic migrants who cost the taxpayer millions of pounds in legal fees, clog up the social housing system and even now the lower end of the private rental market, increase the burden on our public services and, in some cases, join violent, organised crime gangs.

In my opinion, many of the people who like to virtue signal about ‘refugees welcome’ and call anyone who wants tougher border controls a racist are, in fact, dangerous, hypocritical fantasists.

If someone knocked on the front door of their leafy Home Counties detached house, said: ‘Hello, I live down the road in a much worse house than you, but I like your house and I’d like to live here now’ they wouldn’t let them in, would they? If someone knocked on their door and said: ‘Hi there, I won’t tell you who I am, or where I’m from but I’m asking you to just believe me when I say I need to live here now for my own safety’, they’d say no, wouldn’t they. And yet they want this country to say ‘yes’.

The irony is that clamours for an open door policy, which is essentially what we’ve got, means that there might actually be less space for genuine refugees and asylum seekers. So it’s completely self-defeating.

I’ve had enough of being told there are two types of people in this country when it comes to what’s happening in the Channel – bad people who want tighter controls and good people who want to let everybody in.

From where I’m sitting, there is nothing good about endangering national security, fuelling organised crime and increasing the burden on already struggling taxpayers.

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