Disturbing silence that surrounds knife murder of a loving grandmother in lawless London - Kelvin MacKenzie

Anita Mukhey

Anita Mukhey was stabbed to death

Met Police
Kelvin Mackenzie

By Kelvin Mackenzie

Published: 14/05/2024

- 14:10

Updated: 15/05/2024

- 13:56

Kelvin MacKenzie has outlined an uncomfortable silence around knife crime across the country

There’s a disturbing sound of silence surrounding the truly dreadful murder of grandmother Anita Mukhey.

You may be aware that Mrs Mukhey was walking along a street in London last week when a man tried to grab her handbag.

She resisted and was stabbed to death. This is a devoted family woman of 66-years-old with a husband, two children and two grandchildren. She worked part-time for the NHS as a Medical Secretary.

Why did her life have to end on the pavement of a street in Burnt Oak Broadway?

And that is where the silence from the authorities came in. It was the same silence that happened 270 miles away in Hartlepool last October when Terence Carney, 70, was stabbed to death in the street while talking an early morning stroll in the town.

The local and national public were left completely in the dark over his death. Not single explanation of how this could have happened. Seven months later, at his trial, it emerged the attacker was an Islamist extremist called Ahmed Alid, 45, who was living in a hostel in the Hartlepool.

Apparently, this Moroccan Muslim, who shouldn’t have even been living in the country, was upset over the Gaza conflict.

Armed with a knife, he went into the street with the intention of killing somebody. It was then a blanket of silence fell over the murder.

Neither the police, Crown Prosecution Service or the local MP, would explain in for the record or off the record briefings, what was the background to the murder. That was quite wrong.

The public were excluded from knowing the truth. They had no right to be. When an Islamist extremist is killing people in your town you have every right to be informed. It could be your dad next. But the authorities, hiding behind sub-judice, wouldn’t answer questions about the murder.

The only reason anybody knew anything about that poor man’s demise between the time of his death in October and his conviction in April this year, was due to X/Twitter. Thank God for Twitter and its users, which I note from Mr Musk has just hit record numbers. MSM is bloody useless these days, especially since advertisers will not support them unless they carry apple pie menus.

Take The Sun, they will run a mile from an Islamist killer story, but will lead as they did yesterday on both their news site and print edition a story Princess Anne’s son is going out with a nurse. Ye Gods.

Meanwhile those not on social media in Hartlepool residents knew something terrible had happened, but didn’t realise they had a killer Islamist in the midst.

They should have done.

So, now we turn to the appalling knife murder of Mrs Mukhey. Once again there is silence.

The Telegraph ran an extraordinary story yesterday which plays into my fears that we are not being told the full story over these murders.

Civil servants are reportedly trying to block Tory MPs who want to see an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill so that it includes the Home Office showing migrant nationalities with the highest crime rates.

Denmark started a similar scheme which revealed crime rates from people from Somalia as well as Tunisia, Lebanon and Kuwait were far higher than Danish nationals.

This didn’t come as a shock, but did lead to demands that nationality should be taken into account when deciding which people are let into Denmark.

That seems like a splendid idea.

We have enough of our own criminals, without taking in people from a nation that have a provable desire to commit crime when they land here.

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